The Angry Constituent

I know this sounds like a corner for political malcontent speech but then, why not? I believe that Americans have failed to be good but firm bosses of our government and do not follow-up on issues or any actions taken by our elected officials.

So, with that said, I started sending letters to my senators and congressmen to illustrate my utter disgust in everthing that is going on in Washington. While I’m deployed it’s all I can do. When I’m home I join in whatever activity is going on to help support our Constitutional rights. I have filed each letter and response under No Virginia there is no Constitution for anyone’s review. I write long letters but I do research what I write to show that Americans are not stupid and lacking in understanding of what is going on. The letters are about demanding accountability from public officials.

The responses were rather condescending and impersonal, and I did expect that but not to the extent I experienced because these politicians really think people are children.  I’m working on Jim Moran’s letter. That should set off some fireworks or maybe not. The objective is to continue sending letters about anything and everything, initially I wrote about health care reform and will continue to address that issue however I do scan their websites and I track what they and vote for more closely.  I’d like to see my letters yield some real response and ultimately The three objects of my political dissertations are Senator Mark Warner, Senator James Webb, and the arch nemesis of freedom and common sense (and enemy of 8-year-olds) Representative James Moran, the biggest Democrat spenders in Virginia history.

That was last year. This is now. Letters are ignored, people rallying in DC had some impact but not enough to bring the concept home to these people in Congress that we’re not happy with the direction this country is going. Now the Fifth Column is on the offensive, launching a desperate attack on patriotism, trampled our Constitution on March 21 2010 and shifted the blame for our troubles on right-wing, tea party politics. It’s on. There are a lot of people like you and me who are either scared or angry or a combination of the two and for good reason. By seeking like-minded people, rebuilding communities and families to share in this endeavor we are working together to preserve what is left of this Republic. This is our home. We will fight for it.

It’s a new year and TYRANNY has entered into our lives for all the world to see. This is an abomination. We are all angry constituents. We are going to fight for our FREEDOM! This is the face of fear, the face of what is going on in our country. Remember it. Speak, write, march, do whatever it takes to get back to the way things used to be or even better. We fell asleep at the wheel and opened up the door to this evil.

My name is M. E. Leclerc and I’m one very angry constituent. I’m a former law enforcement officer in the DC area and Navy veteran. I have lived in Northern Virginia for ten years though I spend most of the year in Iraq. My writing career pretty much slowed down a few years ago when I decided to work in Iraq but the situation in the U.S. has forced me to take up the pen or keyboard once again. In the meantime my fiction work sits in a corner, languishing from the lack of attention but this is much bigger than my stories. A lot has changed since I left home and I don’t like it, so I write before net neutrality becomes the rule of law of the web.  My personal endeavors other than family and work will have to wait. This is too important. Everyone should give just a little to this effort. Each and every one of us can be part of the solution but we need to stick together and we need to be consistent and vigilant. Only when that happens will America return to its own natural form. But then some of us will have to continue to carry out the watch because human nature dictates that after the storm comes calm and with the calm people grow complacent.

That is when we start the fight for freedom all over again.

For my military and national security topics please stop by The Anvil and take a look. Don’t be discouraged by some of the titles; I write as clearly as I can for everyone to understand and if not, let me know.

Someone has to stand watch…

10 Responses to “The Angry Constituent”

  1. Man, I’ve had my head turned around even since I wrote this!

    I’m still going on about alternative energy, which is fine, but not if its impending critical need is a total fraud!!

    Lower taxes, local resources, realistic environmental policy = prosperity.

    Signed : a former Greenie victim

  2. Look at it this way; this is ‘change’ you can live with, right? ;o)

  3. With our current leaders IE 3 STOOGES(Moduma,Billary,Curly Joe “foul mouth” Biden) heads in the sand We need a voice like yours. Long live Freedom

  4. randyedye Says:

    Apathy is are worst enemy

  5. I anguish at the thought of Americans who sit on the sidelines just praying O’God change the way things are. He gave us a voice and the right to vote let’s use them BOTH!!!

  6. I have to say that as a soldier, I have lost faith in our Government to control anything anymore. We have spent so many years now fighting to help other countries, that we have lost sight of the real focus. What ever happened to DEFENDING freedom and the AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE. We can’t even protect our own borders anymore. The very Constitution I swore to uphold and defend is being ripped apart right under our noses. We need to step up and take our country back. I greatly appreciate people such as yourself M.E. Leclerc. You are my voice on the outside. Let them all know that the Soldiers still have faith in America and the Democracy we defend. Ask them for me to be our voice. let us be part of the voice that takes America back.

    • There are many men and women actually seeking the enemies of our freedoms, some even left the comfort of retirement to fight for this country. That I write about the things I observe is but a very small contribution. I believe these troubled times are meant to test Americans and we should all be prepared for even more troubling times. That’s not to say I don’t believe we will overcome these roadblocks; this is meant to be. Thank you for your comments.

  7. mmartin51 Says:

    As a retired cop (32 years) a ‘Nam vet and now classified as totally disabled by the VA, I must say that I agree with your post 110% Keep up the good work.

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