Re-setting the clock

The man was probably in his 40s and with him was the wife and the three teenage kids. The group was at the head of the visitor’s line as we crammed into the small bedroom and listened to the historical account given by the tour guide. Maybe it was the DC summer heat – though it was an amazingly clear and warm day – but the man felt compelled to volunteer his great knowledge of American history with the rest of the group. I don’t like tight spaces as it is and hearing this idiot speak made me want to scream.

“So, George Washington died of old age, right?”


I looked at my companion and he looked at me and I kept my mouth shut. I was good…very very good.  It was also a good thing that I was standing four people away from him. Bad example for his kids I thought  but then what are we teaching in our schools anyway? Does anyone remember American history at all?

No, the lady said. George Washington died due to an infection probably laryngitis, otherwise he was in pretty good shape. But my disdain for this guy’s question was more about the general feeling that Americans are so blessed with freedom, so much freedom they don’t think they need to know where it came from and why. That really bothered me…maybe he was a Canadian tourist. I didn’t ask but what I could do was take up reading and catching up to my old studies and rekindle my love of history and how the past was so carefully crafted by our Forefathers that they could almost see the future or at least devised the mechanisms which would keep future generations on that same path.  This was all done with purpose and to hear someone speaking such ignorant nonsense got to me. I had been away from home for a while and decided to So after living in Northern Virginia for many years I broke down and coughed up the $30 fee and visited George Washington’s Mount Vernon. It was a most inspiring visit last summer but never did it occur to me that I would be motivated to write this blog. It’s not that I do not love my country or that I don’t think there are plenty of good people in America because frankly, we are the most compassionate people on Earth, but I wanted to leave something behind before my time ran out and this is my humble, well, not-so-humble way to express what I see.

Still, I wanted to tell that guy there were many books for sale at the gift shop.


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