The New Face of the GOP

Given the current political climate in the US, the People have awakened to a very disturbing reality that our way of life is in peril. Nevertheless, how did we get there? Though there is reason for the public’s outrage, many of our problems stem from our lack of knowledge of the US Government, how it was designed and how it is supposed to work. Many Americans never understood the blessing of their citizenship or learned it early in their lives but allowed it to fade into memory, something reluctantly studied in school and not of immediate or future use. Americans are most generous and trusting and it is our very nature and because we believe in the best of humanity sometimes that leaves us vulnerable. This is one of those times.

Our lack of vigilance has led to the resurgence of old evils like the Star Chamber, the appointment of un-elected Czars to regulate how much we make, what we buy and how we live. This has also invited the crushing of American ingenuity and enterprise. Unfortunately for those who only love America – when it’s doing well and feel there are no threats to their lives – this the price we must all pay. We cannot continue to vote then release politicians to their duties without following up on their work. It would be a good practice for every American to call or write their congressman or representative not only when there is trouble but also before these crises take place. That means we must be part of government and with that comes much work. This is the proper relationship between the voters, The People, and the government. They have forgotten that they work for us because we have neglected to reinforce this fact to them.

The Republican party still has an image problem

The GOP’s website has a new look. It’s supposed to be attractive to a younger audience (GOP Faces Project) and it is a good approach but the message must reach more people on the internet and not just on social network sites such as Facebook. The campaign should run more on television and paper media, whatever it takes to make the party and its principles stand out and educate people. We should be engaging minorities now that the Democrats are losing ground in Virginia and New York and any place else where Republicans normally would not be as popular. Our membership must reflect all Americans regardless of background, it is our duty to educate them on the benefits of conservatism, and the only way we can accomplish that is by breaking away from old practices. This is probably the best time in our history that Republicans can engage these neglected sectors of the population, provide counterarguments to liberal politics, and bring these people onboard.

Old politics must go

Republican figures such as Fred Thompson, Dick Armey and now Sarah Palin are leading this effort by challenging conventional wisdom by supporting true conservatism and breaking away from the constraints of party affiliations. The Tea Party movement is sending shockwaves nationwide and though many media outlets go out of their way to shut it down by not covering the events it is a force hard to ignore. The left is definitely afraid but so is the right. This is not about destroying the Republican party but about reclaiming our political heritage by voting with a conscience and remaining faithful to our beliefs.

The GOP has missed the point for too long and it’s either our survival and happiness or that of the party. I say our country should come first. We do not have to accept candidates who do not represent our values. We should carefully vet these people, scrutinize their political platforms and if they do not show the aptitude for the job, we should not nominate them, period. Choosing a warm body just to hold a seat under the Republican banner just won’t do. There has to be a better way to find candidates to represent us, even across party lines. The congressional race in New York’s 23rd District has brought this issue to the national stage and with good reason.

The Democrats have left gaps in their agenda and it is all out in the open. We need to move quickly and flood the media with the conservative message and target areas suffering from voter apathy.  Upcoming congressional races will be the biggest proof of our resolve. Maybe God is working to open up our eyes in these trying times and we should pay attention. Mr. Obama’s insatiable ego is swiftly decimating the Democrat party from within, a most welcome development and an invaluable opportunity for conservatives to take action.

After we succeed in driving away the liberal, Marxist grip on our nation, we have to maintain the ‘9/12’ posture of unity. We cannot afford to look the other way again, whether we vote as Republicans or as Conservatives, we will always have to remain watchful in order to preserve our way of life for future generations. The party will have to recognize its need to align with the voter’s wishes and cease to operate under the auspices that they know what is best for conservatives without our consent or input. Well, it is indeed obvious that they were wrong. In the absence of principled leadership, conservative voters will clear the path to victory with or without partisan support.


Former Representative Tom Davis truly shows the current color scheme of the GOP: it’s about winning elections. We’re just like a religion pushing away heretics? We’re heretics now? Really? Don’t run again, Tom.


“We’re becoming a church that would rather chase away heretics than welcome converts and that’s no way to become a majority party,” complained former Rep. Tom Davis, a Virginia Republican who served as National Republican Congressional Committee chairman. “This makes no sense for those of us who are interested in winning elections.”


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