The Zealous Sell-outs

No wonder Obama is stalling on joining his world-government buddies on this climate treaty next month. Holder and Obama, I’ll call them the Feasance Brothers, are sure eager to get this show on the road, don’t they?

Obama doesn’t need the other countries to sell out our sovereignty. Sorry to challenge Lord Monckton’s claim that the climate treaty will bring about the loss of our civil liberties to a global government. I think that the 9/11 trial will cause enough distraction over time to keep people from realizing that is happening. Maybe I’m paranoid, maybe I’m not but I do know that with such a scatter-brained move like this trial there must be some sort of profit to be made. Of course profit won’t be for the American people.

We let the European buffoons come to our country to engage in the same functions the U.S. and the rest of the world did after WWII. Does anyone remember the Nuremberg trials? That was different and the U.S. was not under scrutiny for committing crimes against humanity. That was the purpose for creating a ‘global’ criminal court – the International Criminal Court – so that countries could keep tabs on hostilities committed by other states. This was not a court designed to watch over individual cases within each country. This ‘court’ has been increasingly getting involved in the internal affairs on countries when it comes to applying punishment for capital crimes and treats that in the same category as war crimes. The ICC does not yet have jurisdiction over individuals unless they are accused of war crimes then they can be forced to go before the court whether their country of origin is a signatory or not. These global watchdogs are created out of fear that countries won’t attack each other and do it inhumanely. Russia comes to mind; they invaded Georgia and have not been punished to my knowledge. Where are the high-profile trials? They waged a war with a small country with the lame excuse that Russian citizens were in those areas and were in danger. So a rescue mission, right? Wow. The U.S. should have tried that! They keep practicing the same deadly expansionist strategies that served them so well the Afghanistan invasion which finally taught them a lesson. Still, I don’t see the ICC going after them as readily as they do the U.S. What a racket.

This opens the door for the continuation of the utopian world society the Europeans want to build. They don’t get along on their own turf and they are insanely jealous of our way of life. Now something that really irks me is Germany’s newly-acquired moral compass which has been trained on our civil judicial system, to observe, to measure, to judge. Somebody tell me just why the U.S. government has any obligation to allow these observers to enter the country in the first place. Stand outside the plane at the airport and point back at the airplane and have them turn around and go home. It’s a glib course of action but effective. Tell the world we handle our own business, thank you!

I would be hard-pressed to believe that this German Justice Ministry wanting to oversee our judicial system has had any education in these proceedings. Perhaps a tour of this place

The Holocaust Museum

will be beneficial in shifting scrutiny and re-focus its objectives. Let’s not worry about the U.S. handing down a death penalty sentence for a capital crime…no, wait. Are they mainstream criminals or enemy combatants? I mean, Obama said during the campaign he didn’t believe we should afford them Miranda Warnings in Afghanistan, now we’re trying them in the U.S.

You see, this is exactly how we will eventually relinquish our freedoms to the stinking liberal world. A real president would have followed Roosevelt’s leadership during war in dealing with domestic terrorism and tried these guys in a military tribunal instead. But no, we want to give these animals due process. Why?

Justice has been delayed…

Eric Holder has trouble figuring out why we’re prosecuting the 9/11 terrorists. He said recently, at the prospect of bringing the animals to already traumatized New Yorkers to be tried, that justice had been delayed. Really? Here’s a clue:

3,000 U.S. citizens murdered in one day

We went to war with countries which harbored and continue to harbor terrorists

We’re still fighting them

Justice has not been delayed Mr. Holder. Justice continues to be served; that is why we went to war. The U.S. was attacked and we are defending ourselves; that is our right. You don’t need to make these trials, lengthy and expensive to the tax payers just for show. Our armed forces have been doing that every day for the past eight years. If you wanted justice you’d allow the military judicial system to swiftly handle each defendant – and by the way, those guys have confessed and are ready to receive their punishment – then you can go ahead and talk about doing justice. I’m not at all convinced this trial is about anything but to sell-out. It is yet another way to usurp power over our lives, unleash unknown threats to our national security, encouraging our enemies to fight us within the parameters set by our Constitution and sit back and wait for ‘justice’ to treat them right. I think we need to have justice done by removing Eric Holder from office and shutting the door to foreign judicial inspectors from running our lives.

Germany concerned its evidence to be used to back death penalty in 9/11 trial

This is a great commentary by Charles Krauthammer, Travesty in New York


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