Life and death on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day can mean many things. I’m happy I was raised by two Christian, conservative parents. I’m also happy that the last time I called my mom I told her I loved her and that I would try to see her soon. That was last week.

My mom is in intensive care. I’ve flown home to see her and she’s not doing well. I wear her wedding band on my finger to make myself feel better while I wait to see if she makes it. Her hands are so swollen she couldn’t wear it anyway. The doctors give her very little chance but I wait just the same. When I rub her chest and caress her forehead she opens her eyes then closes them, against what the doctor said. I always subscribed to the medical/scientific philosophy having cared for people in her condition long ago, but this is different. Life means something different today than it did twenty years ago. If I have a doubt I ask, I challenge, I do what I can to preserve it.

I’ve had my questions answered with professionalism and care and since I’ve been home

Me on baptism day

I’ve spoken to five specialists, one for each organ that failed her after a cardiac and pulmonary arrest last week. There is brain damage involved. Blood transfusions and a ventilator. She’s being fed through a tube and her medicines administered as though she were home watching her stories.

But she’s getting the same care a twenty-year-old could get, no questions asked. She’s in a private hospital. No one turned her away for treatment. Last summer I was told she had waited for six hours in a room next to emergency because there were no beds on the wards. That was a public hospital. I called and made sure that she was moved promptly.  But I’m not complaining now really. Her life matters just as that of a younger, healthier person. That’s the point.

I’m just doing soul-searching and thinking how this great big lie can be defeated with the truth.

That health care is not at fault, but those who try to regulate it.

I am thankful she’s in good hands, whatever God chooses to do in the end.

Prayer is the order of the day.


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