Propaganda and Culture Wars II: Art/Guns for Hire

“My goal was not to piss people off, it was to promote freedom of expression and artistic freedom.” Adam Lambert

Obscene on TV!

American Music Awards become ‘modern Sodom’

Openly Gay Adam Lambert simulates sex act with men on ABC broadcast

I usually reference sources at the end of my pieces but this is it folks, the entertainment world’s attack on American values has gone too far and it’s time we take them on. You may click on the titles as I have taken the liberty to add the links for your review. I’m not going to post the video or pictures here. I was going to start this opinion piece with some basic themes but then wham! This story above simply knocked me on my butt and I said, hey, let me go get my intellectual ammo. This is a war. Not only is this war being fought within the political ranks but those people have reinforcements in the media – as you well know by now – and the entertainment industry. Do you think that this gay spectacle is about artistic expression? Little by little these jackals have chipped away at our values and mores and forced their brand of ‘art’ as the acceptable standard. This is pure operant conditioning, people. Instead of beef broth or powder they (the Libs) offer people sex, money, mindless entertainment in front of the idiot box and this is what you get.

Did you think that video was an act of beauty? I sincerely hope not, but remember, we’ve been conditioned to withhold our opinions of others as we don’t want to be labeled racist, or homophobe or whatever other terms I’m sure I’ve never even heard of before. We’ve relinquished our voices to feed the beast of conformity and accommodation. So this is what we get; vulgar, irrelevant entertainment that all is it missing is the lions in the arena. The more we allow them to weaken our moral fabric we closer we get to tyranny. We will have to accept debauchery as the moral and social standard whether we like it or not and our children’s children will pass that on as well. I hope I don’t live long enough to see that much as I’m already disgusted. This is unbearable. But enough of this rant; I have stuff to say so let me get to work. No, wait a minute. Here comes another attack. Dead child molester wins music awards!

Jackson wins 4 American Music Awards

As much as I loved Michael during my youth, the child molestation allegations and other scandals really did influence what I listened to and he was slowly phased out of my collection of music, which had very little pop to begin with but these posthumous awards bother me. The worship of celebrities is yet another distraction, perhaps the creation of the pseudo royalty (well, we can’t push aside first lady Michelle, can we?) whose lives are covered by rags like People magazine like it’s real news. Michael Jackson, though an extremely talented American, was lacking in other qualities. Perhaps fame did it to him. Perhaps his groupies, doctors and hangers on caused his demise. I don’t know. What I do know is that crotch grabbing was the standard set for unacceptable behavior on stage that became acceptable long ago. Now it’s, well, you can see the video. But remember, women have been getting away with raunchy and racy behavior for years according to this young buffoon and saying that there is a double standard. Why not? We’re going to be a truly culturally dead society.

Well, I’m not sure if he’s a he or a she. I mean, Madonna, yeah, she’s done about all that is bad and then some. There is no worst thing for a woman to not age well, I don’t mean gracefully, but to know that to re-brand means to improve to perpetuate her work, not to escalate change for shock value. That lip-lock thingy with Britney Spears, a young apt pupil, and other escapades on her shows do make Lambert’s argument unpleasantly relevant.

If the girls can do it, then so can he.

That’s as far as I will agree with him.

The AMA featured even more crotch grabbing. Janet Jackson did her part as well and I’m wondering, have I been out of circulation that long I don’t recognize these mating rituals? I don’t get it; the part about artistic expression. That’s not what I learned in music school. These people prove my point every day in how irrelevant they are yet so influential. They’ve got the young mesmerized and younger adults with nothing to do thinking they have talent. This is right out of a Twilight Zone episode; the masses mesmerized by talentless ‘artists.’ If I didn’t know any better, I’d say they’re trying to distract somebody. It’s working.

I feel bad for Taylor Swift. She may not be like all the others in the industry but then look what happened to Britney.

I hope they don’t attack at night. I need to turn in. 


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