Night of the Crash Test Dummies

Michaele and Tarek Salahi’s high-profile ‘crashing’ of the first White House state dinner is just too much fun to pass up however; this is a sign of things to me. Well, it’s been going on since Obama took office.

Just put up a sign on the White House south lawn saying something like, ‘There is a limit of 20 Indians for this event’ and call it good. I’m surprised to see that Bobby Jindal made the list of guests but not surprised to see many prominent Indian Democrat supporters were either left out or invited and not willing to attend. I don’t believe in coincidences myself but the timing is fascinating. Also fascinating are the ongoing Indian jokes. References to Indians working gas stations and 7/11 stores abound but hey, it’s cool to be racist when you’re a Democrat, right?

But back to the crashers.

I don’t begrudge well-to-do folks who don’t have a purpose in life other than to be famous for the sake of being famous to do what it takes to get into the biggest event in DC. Obviously these people crave the limelight so much they just had to crash it; or did they? I’m not going to rag on the Secret Service, sorry, it’s not going to happen. Even at the White House one can’t mitigate all security issues especially in formal events with lots of people, I mean, managing security in these cases is a complex job they do very well. But to even think someone from the Secret Service allowed this stupid stunt to take place because they were star-struck by the Salahi couple is just too far-fetched. Granted, it’s possible that these folks had some impact on the first person who saw them but come on, WH people see heads of state, big celebrities and such all the time; really prominent people. The Salahis are nothing more than fame-seekers. That they have money to pull off complicated stunts to get their names to the media and promote their business brand (look up Michaele Salahi on Facebook, she has a fan club – though some of the comments posted are rather unsavory) so that they can show up all the neat people they’ve met is part of their game. That is what they do. It’s just a stunt to feed the already bloated reality TV diet Americans continue to gulp down. But they seemed to be apt guests in a way now that I think about it; Obama is all about power and promoting his brand and so are the Salahis. It’s a match made in DC.

The White House has become Versailles and all that’s missing are the powdered wigs, corsets, beauty marks and lavish meals while the populace worries about its next meal. This is just a stunt. How about inviting homeless Veterans? I’m sure the Indian head of state and other guests would be amazed to hear stories from former military people who served this great nation and are now cast away. I’m sure that would have been heartwarming. And how about inviting more wounded vets to these dinners? I’ll leave that thought out there to float for a little while.

Does anyone remember Balloon Boy? It turned out the parents set off a stupid quest to get on some equally stupid reality show. The Heene couple placed their children at risk; they endangered law enforcement personnel because they had to chase after some weather balloon, caused great expense in time, equipment, overtime pay, and all the other nice things that come with a whole community searching for an innocent child. The only truthful person in the whole debacle was the kid. So for the Salahis to crash the WH dinner was a carefully crafted stunt (they have had practice apparently) and they got help from one of the many loser WH staffers invited to the event. That’s pretty much how one could sneak someone into a big event like that; clear them at the door. The White House, the people’s house is accessible to buffoons who seek fame so naturally these events will attract such people each time.

At least someone other than the Salahis enjoyed the evening to its fullest; Joe Biden had no problem with the crash or with Lady Salahi. There’s something about dummies; no matter what, they always seek each other out.


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