No Virginia, there is no Constitution a letter to Senator James Webb

This is my futile attempt to get the attention of three people:

Senator Jim Webb

Senator Mark Warner

and my least favorite

Representative Jim Moran (Alexandria – Lee District – is my town)

I fully understand that there is an overwhelming amount of mail and phone calls going into their local and District offices but the lack of response or ‘form letter’ formats that don’t address each individual’s complaints reflect that the government has gotten so far away from their base that we’re dealing with a shadow government. It is a sad reality that an elite few have usurped our freedoms and are enjoying the benefits while draining our resources and ability to take care of ourselves. Well, I will continute to write and call. To quote Obama, I don’t get tired and I don’t quit. After a short break I am restarting my writing campaign. There is no Constitution anymore…there can’t be…they’re not listening but we will make them listen one way or the other. I am encouraged with Bob McDonnell’s significant win for governor and hope that we are well on the way of – to use an Obamaism – ‘transform’ Virginia politics from within. It is time to rid the Commonwealth of these tax and spend monsters.

Maybe the fact that I do research topics and issues before writing anything to anyone was a factor in not receiving more targeted answers but considering their disdain for the American people I’d say I don’t have to fair to them either. Perhaps their staff can’t handle my ‘letters’. I get that a lot.

I am re-posting my letters to these three politicians to show you just how detached they are. Just wait until I engage Jim Moran…that should be a treat. I will be re-posting other letters as I get responses or no responses.



I am writing to you again to follow up on my letter dated October 22nd 2009 for which I have yet to receive a response. I thought I’d take the opportunity to send it to you again in case you have not had the time to review it and also to submit to you my utter disgust and disapproval of your support for this bill, a vulgar abomination and a brazen attack on the U.S. Constitution. I understand that on Thursday Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi will push this latest amendment of the bill – now a whopping 1, 990 pages and growing – for a short period of debate and move to a vote within three days. There is no way that any reasonable person in America can give this bill closer examination let alone for a legislator to equally study the impact of this bill in such a short time. This is a serious mistake. I, like many Americans do not approve of this bill and will continue to say so until our will is done. I may not be able to join others on Thursday at noon at the Capitol steps to meet with you and other Virginia legislators as I am in Iraq and this is done on short notice but I fully support those who will be there. There are scores of us Expatriates working and serving in Iraq and Afghanistan and our voices do count as do our votes.

If you are a man of honor and conviction I am asking you, in your position, not to support this bill in any way. It is not sufficient to only ask that the process slow down but this bill must not come to fruition. My concern is that as far away as I am that when the time comes to return home there will be nothing worth going home to and there is no better place to live and thrive than in the United States. There is just no other place. Why would anyone vote to ‘transform’ this magnificent country into some socialist experiment is beyond my comprehension but I do know this; I will not give up in this endeavor until this bill is done away with.

Senator Webb, I am asking you to do your duty and not support this bill. I cannot say it enough. Please do not assist in dismantling what is left of our economy, because the moment that collapses the U.S. government will be insolvent and that will leave the door open for our enemies to feast on our security. It is an embarrassment to wake up each day knowing that the communist Chinese own America’s debt. We need to stop this spending now and we need to build our national defenses.

You are a strong advocate of supporting national security legislation; think what this bill can do to our security and connect the dots. President Obama feels great pride in reducing defense spending in time of war in spite of the fact that we need to modernize our capability. While we downgrade our forces and military capability our enemies are building up their own. We need to remain fiscally strong to support two warfronts and other threats against the United States as they are quickly manifesting. This bill is not about health care but about making way for more government control. Government control will lead to our demise. 


Okay, so I finally got a response. Not what I wanted. I must increase my contacts then. Here’s his (the computer’s) response:  

Dear Tea-bagger (well,  the email was addressed to no one actually but that’s what someone at his office thinks)

            Thank you for contacting my office regarding health care reform.  I appreciate your taking the time to share your views.

             As you may know, Senate Leadership has developed a health care reform bill, based on the bills passed in the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee and the Finance Committee, that will be considered by the full Senate in the coming weeks.  As this legislation moves forward, I believe it is important that the process be as transparent and open to public engagement as possible.  For this reason, I joined seven of my Senate colleagues in urging that legislative text and cost estimates from the Congressional Budget Office be posted for public viewing at least 72 hours before the measure is debated or voted on in the full Senate.  This will allow our constituents to evaluate the proposal in detail and make their views known.  It is important for us to be very deliberate on an issue of such importance to the lives of so many Americans.

             While most people are understandably satisfied with their health care, the system is not working for millions of American families.  Spiraling costs for health care have placed our biggest industries at a severe competitive disadvantage, as employers struggle to provide insurance for their workers.  By the same token, families are increasingly unable to depend on their health care plans when they need them the most.  This has contributed to the mortgage foreclosure crisis and the rise in personal bankruptcies.  In short, our nation’s continued economic recovery would be advanced by meaningful, fiscally responsible, and effective health care reform that contains costs, expands access to health care, and addresses systemic concerns such as health insurance reform.  At the same time, such reform must emphatically be reasonable in scope, cost, and impact.

            It is also important that any reform of our health care system allow Americans who are satisfied with their health care to continue their current coverage, including those in the Medicare program.  Medicare must provide quality, affordable health care for senior citizens and disabled Americans.  Equally important, it must be fiscally sustainable.  I recently communicated to the Obama Administration the importance of putting quality and value at the heart of any modifications to the Medicare system.  I understand that the out-patient and in-patient services, prescription drug coverage, and other services and programs available through Medicare are of great importance to the lives of many Americans.

         As the Senate continues to debate health care reform, please be assured that your views will be very helpful to me and my staff.  I hope that you will continue to share your views with us in the years ahead.

             In the coming weeks and months, I encourage you to visit my website at for updated information about the health care reform and other issues that are important to Virginia and our nation.

 Thank you once again for contacting my office.


 Jim Webb

 United States Senator

Wow. Rivetting letter.  I know I won’t be hearing from him again…or will I?


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