Propaganda and Culture Wars: Hopenhagen and How Coca Cola wants to run a world government

I guess Sean Penn was right; we’re run by corporations. I never thought I’d agree with that…

We’re all friends of Hopenhagen 

I heard the term “Hopenhagen”  from Fred Grandy Show online  on the Andy and Grandy Show. I just woke up. I was trying to forget the term as I had stumbled upon it on World Net Daily recently and just bookmarked the story. Andy is right; it’s annoying but it’s more than an annoying, catchy name. Check out this website. I mean, the messages of hope and change pop up on the world background like little thought bubbles that are supposed to inspire you to be part of the effort. I was sickened by the site last week and still sickened today.

I decided to look at the list of supporters of this endeavor and found, not too surprisingly rags like Newsweek but I really was disturbed to see the Wall Street Journal also listed as supporting this project. I’m not happy about it. I don’t care that idiots sign up for some fruitless project because they have nothing better to do with their time but with the Copenhagen climate conference and encourage other idiots to sign a petition to support the treaty and invite others to become ‘citizens’ of this new world order.

I may have to cancel my subscription to the Journal but then, though I’m a capitalist a corporation can easily serve a good and noble purpose through charitable work yet get involved in something much more damaging. I keep hearing those sickly, sugary Coca Cola jingles from the 1970’s: Spirit of ’76  and I’d like to teach the world to sing  when everything was much better because of Coke. I can choose not to support something a company I like supports but it’s hard to boycott large companies. Every time I buy a bottle of water I will have to remember that X brand belongs to Coke. I have to rearrange my life in order to wage battle against companies that support garbage propositions like a world government.

Hopenhagen believes that the global climate treaty will bring about ‘positive environmental and economic’ change. What I’m asking is, with more and more private industries shutting down, factories and other processing plants, how is that going to create economic change? Oh that’s right; it’s going to shift job dependency onto government. I forgot. Let’s become a unified world government. I’ve heard this before but where?

The Covenant of the League of Nations comes to mind and so does the Japanese League of Asian Nations, which is probably not the exact name but close enough to give you an idea. Like all these global treaties, the agreements are nothing more than for sovereign nations relinquishing the rights and freedoms of their citizens in the name of peace. So at the turn of the 20th century the endeavor was all about reducing armaments, improving relations between nations through non-hostile means and the elimination of war. But before we eliminate war we have to put down our weapons, including the defensive protections for each country. These treaties don’t work, period. But what about those nations that are always hostile? They’re still hostile and they’re building up their military capabilities! China and India are not playing this global climate garbage game; why? Because they know their economic prosperity will go down the proverbial drain as they are emerging economies that need industries to produce goods to sell, to grow, so no; they’re not playing ball. Of course, if they reduce how much they polute the environment they will have to allow for market restrictions and they KNOW this will topple their progress, so why sign the treaty? Russia is still the European bully it was before the fall of communism but I don’t see any initiative by these Hopeinidiots to say hey, you’re not abiding by the rules; we’re going to fight you! No, that’s just not in concert with the new religion of environmentalism and any other gimmick the world’s Libs can come up with. These are the same people who insisted that countries should redesign ammunition (NATO is worthless, by the way) in a way that bullets kill more humanely (but it takes more bullets to kill the enemy and sometimes they keep on wiggling). The idea is to weaken strong, legitimate states such as the United States.

So Coca Cola is spearheading a sickening world governance campaign to introduce a new world order and you can even get your own passport on Facebook . Which passport would you like to carry?

I’m keeping my US passport, thanks. That is called REAL citizenship. Coca Cola can keep its Hollywood-style prop world. How about if we huff and puff hard enough we knock down the prop/fantasy world they’re building for us?

Does anyone remember that Jim Carrey movie, the Truman Show?


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