The war against marriage

Cass Sunstein  has made a living and continues to do well in promoting the idea that marriage discriminates against those who choose to remain single, and marriage accomplishes this feat by not legitimizing the single lifestyle as an attack on single people’s freedoms.

The article Marriage versus the Obama/Pelosi Nanny State by Janice Shaw Crouse on is right on target and also brings up the destruction of the family, the government’s fight against homeschooling, separation of church and state and the overall belief that the government knows best in handling private citizen’s lives. This attack on traditional values and institutions by Sunstein is at first laughable but considering the fact that he’s in a position to effect policy change – in spite of not being a cabinet member – is of great concern to me and many Americans.

The Sunstein philosophy is that marriage robs singles of benefits and status in our society, which is not true. There is no limitation as to what kinds of relationships people can engage in; the fact that marriage is an institution sanctioned by many cultures as well as ours tells me that families are the core of our nation and the key to our survival. Single people can be single; they still have civil and human rights; so why is Sunstein so worried about doing away with marriage? Sunstein believes marriage should be treated as no more than a membership to the local country club; strictly a private matter and handled as a contractual relationship instead. This is a long-standing campaign to destroy the family, and that begins with marriage.

His contention that marriage should be privatized and that be kept as a personal matter not for the government interference is hypocritical. The new administration has enlisted people to serve within the government who think that Americans cannot be masters of their own destinies without their help but marriage can be handled by people on their own. Sure, let’s shift the benefits and status of people who choose to forge a future together and support our communities to those who choose to go at it alone. How about no one gets married? That is just another way to control people’s lives; to tell them that one situation is better than the other.

Just because some of us have not entered in the covenant of marriage or have left the covenant of marriage does not mean we should not support it.


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