When John the Lib called me and Mark Levin cronies

I don’t even know Mark Levin but my name was wrapped into this unsavory email from a lib complaining about my opinion of Obama’s non-strategy strategy in Afghanistan. It’s not like I’m hiding the fact that I know Obama is ruining our economy and has gone out of his way to put down our country all over the world. So when I got this email in my Facebook account today I thought, wow, my first drive-by liberal attack. Usually libs say something totally ignorant, I give them an answer, ask for feedback and I never hear from them again.

So in that fashion I answered this antagonist’s email, and his name is John Rebstock (find him on Facebook, hiding) and thought, since he did not post his comment publicly, that I should help him along and share his words with everyone else who wants to read them.  I’m still waiting for his response. Below is his email followed by my response.

John Rebstock December 2 at 4:26pm Report

u have no idea what u are posting about…Obama’s decision to increase our troops by 30K does not appease any of Obama’s allies……its stunning that conservatives, like u, would criticize Obama for his afghan war strategy after being president for only 10 months….especially after rumsfeld, GWB and cheney screwed up the afghan war effort for 7 consecutive years….and then handed over the afghan mess to Obama just 10 months ago.

what u and mark Levin know about foreign affairs and war strategy….could fit into the reservoir tip of a condom.


Actually, I’m not saying that Obama’s 30,000 troop surge is designed to appease any of your liberals because frankly none of you are that important to me. It is interesting to know that the leftist fringe groups are interested in the march to socialism agenda and discard national security as a non-issue. This is the difference between people who think and analyze what is going on around them and take that information and use it to protect themselves and those who choose to rant about opposing views instead.

Back to your concern.

What I do discuss however is that by sending only that number starting soon – and I say soon because the surge won’t happen overnight – that will take weeks and months so basically Obama sends a token amount to make it look like he’s been ‘forced’ to do so as he clearly stated in his speech last night. He mentioned that twice that he wanted to make sure he would not go for the surge until he knew it was the right thing to do. The fact that he needs confirmation shows he’s out of his league. His job is to send those troops to fight, it’s a simple concept. The fact that many who voted for him are not smart enough to know that with the office of the president come other ‘real world’ responsibilities are now furious that he has to do his job, well, that’s life!

I voted for George W Bush both times and believe me, his much touted ‘Mission Accomplished’ was far too premature and sent the wrong message to our enemies that we were in for a short-term fight, as Mr. Obama said last night. Setting timelines is another way to mess things up because the enemy keeps track of the news, they keep track of everything we do strategically and they do study our order of battle very well. I don’t owe you any more information on how I know what I write about for obvious reasons and because I don’t write to see my words online. I don’t write because of ego; I write to share information and make other like-minded people see information from different perspective and make them think. My qualifications for making any statement should not be made the cause of your anger. I served under George Sr. during the first gulf war and I was angry that we pulled out without taking care of Saddam Hussein but back then the objective was met and we came home. I have been in Iraq for years and have been through the surge and the drawdown so I can offer some insight on that.

John, I engage people, whether liberals or conservatives, in intelligent and informed debate, and I am not going to go back and forth spewing insults just because you and people like you bother me. The object of my writing is well-established. You sent me a private email to voice your opinion, but did not bother to read exactly what is being discussed, or bothered to research any information before writing me. Why didn’t you post a comment publicly? I will make some time to engage you in a serious discussion like I have done with other libs online, just let me know. If you stand by what you write, and from what I’m reading it’s nothing to write home about, go ahead and write me again.

I don’t know Mark Levin but I do admire his work because he only wants the United States to remain what is it; the greatest nation on earth. What you don’t know could fill a warehouse. I would gladly provide you with a list of books you need to read that might help you understand what is going on in this country as well as the world.




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