Propaganda and Culture Wars: Re-writing history

A woman called the Glenn Beck radio show recently complaining that at her high school the teachers posted pictures of Chairman Mao, one of the most reviled figures in world history. Oh, I remember, this was right after that weirdo Anita Dunn was caught on video talking about, who else, Chairman Mao. Maybe the schools think there isn’t ‘equal’ representation of historical personages and just wanted to include mass-murderers. It’s practically the lion chasing the gazelle and the encounter is in its final phase; the submission of the lesser creature to the dominant one. But I’m being cryptic here aren’t I? I am talking about how information affects people’s thinking and not only that, it is the lack of good information that forces people into apathy, into letting go of common sense and desire to survive and thrive in this country. That is precisely the kind of war we are fighting but many Americans just don’t see it. I fear the book burning wagon, well except those books I just described, they don’t even make good kindling for a long winter but I mean all other knowledge. Where will this propaganda machine take us? I guess down the road to social justice by teaching kids that America stinks, according to the History Channel – mind you, I will not watch any of your shows again, even if I go into convulsions – thinks that the program The People Speak , which aired last night, is a fair representation of American history.


But look at the forces pushing this program: Hollywood types of course but there’s more. Howard Zinn, who claims to be a historian (I digress), has a different view of the world and he wants everyone to fall in line with his vision. His Zinn Education Project is a sickening network of subversive academic programs that break down what you and I know into a make-belief world where the United States is the perpetrator of great crimes against humanity.

“I can UNDERSTAND pessimism, but I don’t BELIEVE in it. It’s not simply a matter of faith, but of historical EVIDENCE. Not overwhelming evidence, just enough to give HOPE, because for hope we don’t need certainty, only POSSIBILITY.”

What kind of crap is this? You only need possibility? Well, then that explains why The Token in Chief can give himself a B- grade without having any positive or qualified accomplishments since he took office, so why not? Just about every person in his cabinet lacks appropriate experience for their jobs. Frankly, I’m tired of this effort from the left to re-write history in order to turn children and feeble minded adults into drones who will jump off a cliff like lemmings on command. Again, never take anything they sell you at face value; there is a hidden cost, always. I spoke about the history of tyranny being defeated in the name of liberty in my first post. This is an ongoing theme throughout the history of humanity. Zinn’s empire extends to two other networks, Rethinking Schools which here breaks down what really happened the first thanksgiving day and Teaching for Change which by the way bears the motto: ‘Building social justice starting in the classroom.’

Look at the Zinn Education Report I saw a couple of racially based organizations listed as partners or contributors. Ummm, fascinating. I saw the keywords, “RAZA” (Race) and “MULTICULTURAL” “TOLERANCE” “CHANGE” and got really uncomfortable. I don’t like it one bit. I don’t like the names of some of the other ‘supporters’ either. Look them up.

Okay, I’ve had enough. Look at the report. This actually goes beyond propaganda. This is a full-blown movement. Take a look at their books while you’re at it.

Will you permit the information to reach your kids and cross your fingers and hope they grow up to be sensible adults? I’m not going to go all Montag here and though I would not advocate the burning of books, but damn. How can we allow what knowledge we have, this huge pool of wonderful ideas and creative workings of the human mind to be replaced by fictitiously distorted and vulgar historical alternatives? On the other hand, there is a dire need to find a suitable way to rid our society from hazardous materials that could damage America’s children in the future. Let’s not give these Marxists the chance take control of what we learn and what we feel. We should not allow these people to destroy our way of life through our children. What better way to control the mind than to manipulate information and shape behavior that is in concert with their communist utopian world?

Here are some other jewels of the new educational revolution:

Teaching plan: America ‘an oppressive hellhole’

University outlines re-education for those who hold ‘wrong’ views

Kids to meet Marx in school

Historian Zinn Blames America for 9/11


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