The Rise of Tyranny

On this Christmas morning the evidence that a body of government has grown so far away from its original principles and taken our lives hostage is undeniable. The treachery takes place in our very presence in spite of the cries of the people in protest. Scores of citizens now understand what it means to make sacrifices as they stop work, care for family and leave behind other duties and pleasures to become one people once again and march onto Washington as one. We’ve marched onto the Capitol, held peaceful protests and voiced our complaints to their elected officials face to face; only for their plight to fall on deaf ears. But then that is not true. They are listening indeed, but feel justice is nothing more than an attempt to regain powers they usurped from us long ago. To them, our plight is nothing more than mob rule; we are nothing more than deranged subversives bent on trespassing on their property. Well, this property is ours. This could either be the longest winter of our lives or the beginning of a stronger America. You the patriot must choose the course of history for history has been re-written for us and it favors only Tyrannical rule.

Tyranny is a clever beast. It lies in wait for as long as necessary until it gets what it wants and only does it meet its objective with ease because of the inherent goodness of a people. Tyranny does not exist in a vacuum nor does it suddenly appear; it is cyclical, and it follows Liberty at every step throughout history and across generations. Look to your right to find many of us are for the Republic and freedom. Look to your neighbor two doors down to the left, he stands in the yard smiling, waiting, his eyes shining red and teeth glaring; enjoying victory over justice with great anticipation. This neighbor is the Progressive in his true form. To you this is a mirage; to him, it is his code; his quest to someday rule over you; to rob you of your freedom. These are the people who grow richer and stronger but do not want you to prosper and the same who insisted that the state was more qualified to tell you how to live than yourself. They are the ones who turned what once was a noble path to citizenship, turning public office as the expedient way of attaining power and wealth without accountability.

Tyranny thrives were complacency is the norm, often weaving itself into the fabric of society as small snags of cloth are torn and takes a place where no one dares challenge its presence. It has been instrumental in replacing virtue with debauchery, cloaked murder with the veil of freedom of choice, Godliness with spiritual emptiness and issued decrees to foreign lands; that our strength would one day wane and our armies soften. They’re the ones who twist and mold history from glorious into evil. Its Hessian soldiers cross our borders, quietly and settle down amongst us, waiting. They will someday benefit from this incursion as progressives portray them as entities worthy of illicit citizenship while vilifying our birthright and those who have fought bravely to earn it. These foreigners do not come in peace and do not assimilate; they come to take what we have and make it their own. Tyranny mocks the honor of battle and our military traditions and its heroes who sacrificed everything to praise the enemies of Liberty. We must change the way we think, the way we see things and people. If it is something disturbing and seems impossible, then we must assume that Tyranny is already working on exploitation. Conventional wisdom will not suffice. Vigilance is the only way to preserve our freedom.

Tyranny never rests and is disloyal to its followers and willing to sacrifice them as it can always recruit more to fight for its cause. It stands watch for that one opening in the cloth so that it can weave itself right in and start the process again. Well it’s here, manifested in its ugliest form for all to see. This is no surprise or mystery; this is all about our survival and this is a war and we must find a way to defeat our enemy. When one challenges a lie with the truth, Tyranny shouts it down, drowns and destroys it beyond repair to create confusion. Intellectual argumentations need not occur, as it either artfully twists your words to help itself win without substance or evidence or resorts to violent intimidation. Long ago many courageous people lost their lives, their wealth and their happiness so that we could be a free people today. Are we going to give up without a fight? Tyranny however, lacks courage; the one virtue of the true patriot who understands the difference between right and wrong. While it is so apt to seduce the senses while it, Tyranny crumbles in the presence of Justice and Honor.

There is a way to defeat it but it may be costly. Tyranny’s error is that it denies the hand of Providence as key to our being and that we are what we are by design. Now that you know what this threat means to all Americans great measures must be taken to preserve our way of life. At first sight it may appear that we are doomed to fail in our endeavor but we have Divine guidance if we seek it and apply it. At midnight on Christmas Eve history’s clock was reset. We’ve gone back in time to repeat history as we learned little the first time. This is our Republic. We must fight so that we can keep it. The rise of Tyranny could be the birth of Liberty. Some of those who are in power today may say that when history calls one must answer. I agree.

Are we ready?


2 Responses to “The Rise of Tyranny”

  1. Yes, government has grown too large. It now includes cities trying to take jurisdiction over people who don’t even live within the city limits. I will be posting a cease a desist letter tomorrow on my blog tomorrow which I had to mail to a nearby city.

    • Oh nice, more tyranny. The way to do it is to find excuses to annex another jurisdiction. Look at that idiot Bloomberg. He came after VA because of weapons traced to the commonwealth that were found in NY. He’s a bigtime progressive.

      I’ll wait for your letter but I’m curious to see how one city justifies that, is it through taxation (DC does that to people from VA and MD who work for the government) or land disputes?

      I’m adding you to my blogroll.

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