Open Season on Jesus: The Case against Christians


“The enemy is a spiritual enemy. It’s called the principality of darkness. We, ladies and gentlemen, are in a spiritual battle, not a physical battle. Oh, we’ve got soldiers fighting on the battlefields, we’ve got sailors, marines, airmen, coast guardsmen out there fighting against a physical enemy. But the battle this nation is in is a spiritual battle, it’s a battle for our soul. And the enemy is a guy called Satan – Satan wants to destroy this nation. He wants to destroy us as a nation and he wants to destroy us as a Christian army.”

Lieutenant General William Boykin, in a speech given in 2003

I managed to make Christmas Eve mass this year and I sat in the back of the chapel like I always do, to watch folks as they come in and saw a group of Iraqis enter and sit a few rows ahead of me. After all the time I’ve been in the Middle East I keep forgetting that 80% of Iraqis are Christian and the majority are Catholic. Those folks looked tired and their eyes were happy to be there but there is an underlying stress that shows. It must really be bad news to be Christian and have to live amongst muslims who will do anything to stop them from worshiping. I saw a lot of appeasement this year unlike previous years in Iraq in that stories about merchants decorating their shops and local churches had experience a boon in their congregations. It reminded me of home as a young child when I saw pictures in the news of kids here enjoying the magic of the holidays probably for the first time in their lives. Adults found the season infectious too. Basically Iraqis felt they could come out of hiding and practice their religion.

This year was different. The muslims pushed their holiday of Ashura. The funny thing about Ashura is that technically the approximate date of the battle waged by Mohammed’s grandson in Karbala against those who opposed the prophet (rivals, actually). This happened around October 20, not in December. I don’t begrudge anyone their right to worship or celebrate anything they want. What bothers me is the fact that those observing this ‘holiday’ who supposedly meditate on the sacrifices made by people who defended their faith are so hostile to other’s religious beliefs. This is going to piss some people off but I don’t care. Islam is an inflexible and intolerant religion. Honestly it doesn’t matter if in the recent past or ancient history Christians and non-Christians have clashed in the pursuit of Godliness; the important thing is for any religious group to care for and teach other humans to do the same. This is not the case. Look at the amount of violence taking place in countries where Islam has planted its seed. Someone said to me recently that I should have a will prepared because what I do is a dangerous job; I laughed and said hey, I have a cousin who is a Christian missionary in Africa. Now that’s a dangerous job!

Let’s look at Africa; the slaughter of innocents in Nigeria in the name of God can’t be true but it happens every day. This is also a racist campaign to wipe out native peoples through forced conversions because these animals feel they are a superior race.  Spend any time with these terrorists and you’ll see what they’re about. The murder of several Catholic missionaries last year points to a growing trend that must be stopped. North Korea makes it an organizational endeavor to chase down Christians for game.

This is not about the pursuit of goodness and morality which must be practice by all parties to make a righteous people, not just for a select few. The arbitrary abuse of women and girls in the name of Islam is staggering; it’s a toss up between wayward soldiers and Islamic warlords to decide how they live or dress and if they’re no up to standards, rape is a good control tool. I’m not going to say that Christianity isn’t tainted with the seed of violence because human history is stained by it but the slaughter of Christians worldwide is gaining notoriety amongst despots. Forget about converting to Christianity and if you do wait for that knock on the door. While not perfect, for the most part the Christian organizations deployed to hostile environments to spread the Gospel have brought strong sense of community to these places, provided the poor with more than handouts by teaching them self-reliance and help them nurture the human spirit. Even a Nepalese terrorist admitted that while in prison for bombing a Christian church, his association with Christians there made him turn around his attitude (he was treated well) and confessed that India was involved. That makes sense. This is a new brand of terrorism; RELIGIOUS. Countries exporting assassins to other countries to eliminate religious opposition is sickening. Missionaries are caught in the middle of this struggle for religious supremacy and are ripe for the picking. My cousin is very brave. Spreading the Gospel has become very dangerous.

I picked up a link from Franklin Russell’s Twitter feed recently ( for an article from the UK, where religion has become reason to sue or harass people. Some researcher got paid (funny) to figure out that there was a significant decline in faith in the UK. You think? Read the British rags online, I do every day and I see more stories about government or individuals complaining about those pesky religious people. For that matter, now they have priests who advocate progressivism like no other. One padre encouraged poor folks to abandon their self-respect and dignity and told them shoplifting for food and other necessities is not a bad thing. It’s not like bank robbery, right? That reminds me of the Whoopy Goldberg about it’s not rape, rape…there are subtle differences between bad and really bad. How shameful. So yeah you could say that faith is going down the tubes. It scares people for some reason. How about the story of the 50-something visiting teacher who worked as a home tutor for sick kids? Life was good for her with this nice part-time job until she made the terrible mistake to offer a sick student’s mother a prayer for a quick recovery.

The mother told the teacher flat out she didn’t believe but made no other issue of the incident until the teacher got called in a day or so later and was fired. Apparently the mother had mentioned the conversation to her bosses who believed the woman was harassing the family with her faith. Wow. Whatever happened to the polite society I grew up in? I mean, unless you’re a Exorcist-type character, head turning and spewing nastiness from demon possession then why is it so hard to just nod politely at someone and accept their gift? Don’t ruin someone’s life. I mean, no one really gets hurt from accepting fruitcake during the holidays, you smile and go hide it in the closet for ten years and use it as a doorstop but hey, polite caring people don’t toss it back! A kind word or prayer is a gift. I know that may be a strange analogy to some of you but the thought is really what counts; that is the essence of Christianity. I wonder the reaction of the mother had the teacher given her one of Kevin Jennings’ favorite pervert books instead?

This goes to show that even a kind word to someone who lives in your community can destroy someone’s life. When you want to pray for someone; keep it to yourself; you might offend someone. Yeah, faith and decency are scarce indeed.

One very disturbing trend is the reluctance to recognize that the United States, founded under Judeo-Christian principles, was in the beginning designed to govern a people who knew the value of virtue and who knew the difference between good and bad. Unfortunately this is an attitude I see growing in the military services with some of our best minds pushing radical ideas that go against how we fight. George Washington would have great trouble accepting this person in his army. The premise of Major Brian Stuckert’s Strategic Implications of American Millenialism is that the U.S. bases the way it fights wars and implements its foreign policy based on Biblical themes of good versus evil and that our belief system basically dooms the U.S. to misunderstand other countries and their perspectives. This is a monograph submitted to the School of Advance Military Studies as he is a student. After choking down this piece of garbage (I have no choice but to read) Stuckert offers insane solutions to America’s troublesome beliefs in conducting foreign policy. By his own admission, this Army officer based his research on Kevin Phillip’s book American Theocracy, a book the New York Times lauded as a great example of how American exceptionalism and religiosity developed since Nixon’s presidency.

This book identifies the Republican domination in politics as the potential catalyst to the destruction of the U.S. and other countries. According to Stuckert’s hero, ideological extremism, catastrophic fiscal irresponsibility, rampant greed and dangerous shortsightedness were spurred on by conservative, evangelical insurgent types. Read the book analysis, it’s staggering the quality of the language in picturing the U.S. as a dangerous power because of its core beliefs. This is the kind of thinking being introduced in our military and I hope Stuckert is the exception and not the rule though I’m not confident there aren’t many others in the Army in positions of authority. His conclusion is that American leaders who are guided by a higher spiritual and religious principle are not capable of making rational decisions and must change their point of view.

Stuckert used this quote by General Boykin to illustrate that manifested religiosity amongst military leaders like it’s a bad thing. The statement by the general caused quite the stir for a while then quietly went away. So the man was filmed speaking to a crowd of evangelicals, all U.S. citizens, and expressed his belief that we’re fighting a spiritual war. At the time I agreed and cheered him on and I believe that today. These progressives want you and me to believe that our spirituality will become radicalized in time, just as that of our enemies. Well, maybe when I hear Christians are committing the same unspeakable crimes against humanity in the name of God, then perhaps I’ll believe what Stuckert is advocating. Buddy, I’m glad I don’t wear the uniform anymore. I would have trouble serving under you. Everyone I see out here faces the unknown every day and never know if they will live to see another day. I see many pray before they venture into the unknown and even those who say don’t believe stick around and maybe catch the tail end of a prayer for good measure. There is something bigger than all of us and it is here to protect us. You’re so called research is just Bible bashing and a call for Americans to stop believing. What you’re doing is telling our forces that our beliefs justify imperialism, the invasion of countries and pillaging of their natural resources for profit, not recommending a better way to integrate those beliefs into strategic and operational leadership. You have no clue what you’re talking about.

Watch out for this guy; I’m sure he’ll run for office as a Democrat. The war against God has begun in earnest.

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One Response to “Open Season on Jesus: The Case against Christians”

  1. The most perverse aspect of the ‘War on God’ is that those who mock and decry spiritual beliefs replace these fundamental understandings of life with… nothing.

    In this way, those who speak of the folly of religious belief in fact literally preach nonsense. Ads run on London transit with themes like “Don’t worry, relax – there probably is no God”.


    This is in fact a Double NewSpeak, to coin perhaps a new term. First, the idea of God itself is perverted into something wholly superficial, then criticized and ridiculed for that very imposed superficiality.

    When you are inside the ‘Godless Cult’, any expression of God evokes chortles of scorn. “God is an idea”, someone says, and they are mocked for trying to cover up the absurd truth of their beliefs, which is of course that ‘God’ is some big dude on a throne in the clouds.

    But no one has ever really said this. I think that organized religion has perverted worship to an undeniable degree, and the molestation issue lays this quite bare. However, the idea of ‘God’ is blamed for this to the detriment of cultural and community sanity itself – for these ideas are dismissed without even being fully understood, let alone answered to in another manner.

    People talk about whether or not there is a ‘spirit world’, but a quick look at Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, Quantum Physics, and even something as simple as the Periodic Table raises dramatic questions about our daily assumptions surrounding reality.

    For if the basic elements are structurally different only in the number of protons and electrons present, then all substances are made of the same original basic matter – whatever ‘Hydrogen’ is made of, everything is made of. Thus all reality consists of is different ideas of how to structure whatever this basic element of reality is.

    Many scientists now say everything is simply light. All matter appears solid only in relation to itself – if you were made of steam, a cloud would seem quite solid to you.

    Thus, this IS the spirit world, or at least one of them. ‘God’ is perhaps a word that denote the concept of ‘everything’ – in tandem with the conviction that everything that exists is somehow part of a larger complete whole.

    This is the message that is being lost, and in many forums intentionally discredited for personal agendas of varying scope and intensity.

    ‘God’ and straightforward ideas of ‘Good’ and ‘Evil’ are the logical building blocks of our very ability to bring ourselves into existence in the first place. The idea that ‘there is no God’ misses the point so drastically as to be a dangerous and viciously destructive suggestion.

    If it is intentionally and cynically disseminated, then such distortions of the true cornerstones of anything truly Good in this world must be spoken to directly, and the storm of criticism weathered, lest we turn the other cheek in vain.

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