When Barry’s utopia meets real world: or why do people insist on debating me about health care reform and other lib agendas

I’ve been busy working hard in my day job to earn money for Barry’s coffer and I thought I’d start with a warm up before I kick in new topics, but they’re coming. I’m sitting at my desk watching my country going to hell and all it takes these days to get riled up is for someone without a clue to just walk in and disturb the balance of things. But then, my mind does need more exercise. Pardon my rant today, I’m fasting for Lent and though I’m feeling much more human I’m bound to get a bit irritated, nothing serious though. (wink)

Even in the face of economic and political upheaval the armies of the Barry administration continue to be the fools who rush in where angels fear to tread. This is truth and to one gentleman and obvious Obama suporter not everyone is in love with socializing everything in our lives via some tyrannical, all-inclusive law. This person came in for a signature this morning and went away with a total shakedown of his beliefs. I don’t know if he’ll check what we discussed or ever change his opinion but anyone dumb enough to challenge me must show up with plenty of ammo.

Like everything in life things started off pretty congenial but The conversation migrated from an animated chat about North Carolina and what’s changed near Camp LeJeune (long since I’ve been there) in the past 20 years to a battle of wits over why Obamacare is not mandatory government health insurance. He only asked what I thought about the bill, his eyes filled with enthusiasm. I said it’s not a good thing at all, that it is unconstitutional and encompass too many aspects of our lives most people wouldn’t even think could be legislated. He said Obama is not forcing anyone to buy insurance, that now that it’s law everyone (why am I re-writing this stupid propaganda?) will have it now. I said, my dear man, you sure are hanging on to the ultimate utopia dream here! (Which was my cue for action)

Things really started to go downhill when I made mention that California was considering legalizing marijuana in and he remarked at how much better that would be. He referenced Amsterdam’s state-controlled drug use (this has always baffled me) and well that worked there as he observed it in his six years living in the Netherlands. I had to disagree. Look at all the social loafing and dependency on the state for those people who go from recreational users to addicts, the subcultures created, and that it is a fact that even if they boast lower crime rates, crime is about opportunity and when one well dries out another one is found. This didn’t sit well with my guest. He is also former military and said he had sold insurance for many years and things were doing well. Pretty much that is how he thinks. I’ve worked both medical and law enforcement fields and I’ve had to deal with health insurance on the job and as a health care consumer. I must be too stupid to see that things are going to improve in the United States.

We all know that health care reform should not focus on establishing a third-payer option and yes, the bill forces physicians to take whatever insurance or deal even if they don’t receive proper compensation for their services. I’m sick and tired of hearing many people chant the Obamacare motto that there are Americans unable to access health care which is a lie and no, 40,000 people don’t perish because they have no access and no extracting your kid’s tonsils does not cost $40,000 (what is it about this number?). They’re all lies. Insurance should not be the business of a government. My friend here says this is not mandatory anything, no one is forced. Bull! He also had the audacity to say that the fines would only be around $650 – which he did not tell me how he figured that out – instead of $5,000 and no, there’s no such thing as jail time; no one will be forced to buy anything because we’ve already been paying into this ‘pool.’ Well, I mentioned to him the state lawsuits being filed and also reminded him that Nancy Pelosi said in plain English that they needed to pass the bill so that err, people could find out what’s in it. This guy refused to believe that today there is tweaking and re-tweaking of this abomination and that he doesn’t know its contents any more than I do. I have it on PDF and took forever to download too. His challenge to me was to prove what I claimed. He said ‘Google’ the facts. What? How about some real-life experience, doesn’t that count? I could have gone on and on about Medicare fraud in state-run clinics and other stories of abuse.

The point that I brought up to him was that the bill has social controls that affect us in ways we don’t know yet. People like him are enamored with the idea that everyone will get something for nothing. By that time my colleague walked back in from his walk and was shaking his head. I gave him an example of how many gun control bills were tied to the health care bill. He scoffed at that and said I was speculating that gun owners would be targeted for premium increases because gun ownership could be considered a public health problem. Anti-gun lobbyists have been pushing this agenda to force people to push ownership over an insurance policy (fine, I’ll just pay the doctor in cash). No matter what reasonable argument I presented this fellow’s body shook with desperation, did his best to drown my opinion and when I showed him a copy of Thomas Sowell’s The Housing Boom and Bust and recommended he start doing some reading (he went on about housing prices for some reason) he recoiled and said curtly “I know all about that, I know how that works I’m not going to read that!” Umm.

I leaned back in my chair, Ronnie’s pic on my wall and told him this was by far an unwinnable argument for him but I was enjoying the exchange. My colleague C. mentioned that just this morning he read online that the health care bill, which included a student loan provision (and our man admitted he knew it and did not find that to be irrelevant to health care) had been added. The back and forth started over again. It was removed. No, it was removed then put back in. I’m still shocked of all the provisions added to this bill that have nothing to do with health care that were at no point questioned by this man.
When all was said and done this fellow was eager to get going on his vacation. I signed his paperwork and bid him a good trip home and asked him to come back some time and talk to me again. But for some reason, no one of the left persuasion ever returns…I didn’t even get to discuss the death panels. I bet he would say I was just paranoid. Now remember…there is nothing mandatory about this bill…nothing…


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