Cyberspace: The New Revolution Battleground


Oh, how I’ve grown to love Twitter and even Facebook. Though I have collected a wonderful group of online friendships with very nice and principled patriots I have also followed the darker side of the internet. Often pages leaning in favor of islamic (my word processor just capitalized this word, so I’m reversing it to lower case just because I can) are allowed to thrive while pages bearing opposing thoughts are banned or even monitored and its contents ‘modified’ by some ghostly entity. I’ve collected some profiles for your viewing but don’t cry to me if you engage these people in debate and come out disturbed. They’re just evil Marxists some are just useful idiots working on

The online community affords normal people an outlet to their frustrations. It also affords those who lean more into the extreme views and tactics room to carry out attacks on others and spread their message. It doesn’t matter if they’re right or wrong; the virtual anonymity is a true comfort to the socially inexperienced and a viable battleground for those who are truly followers of leftist radicalism. Some people I see online have great ideas for restoring our freedoms while others want to launch civil war or turn our troops into domestic forces…our frustrations go from one end of the spectrum to the other. One thing to remember; if you can see them they can find you. What will you do?

Let me start with some lightweight trolls on Twitter then work in a couple of real winners. First I’m tired of hearing from people who complain no, they whine about how some people on Twitter are so vile, so mean, so blah blah as far as I’m concerned, few of you have encountered true evil people out there yet. I’ve been archiving these profiles in what I call the Brig mainly because some of the stuff they say is not exactly so vile I can’t take it, it’s because what they say actually has an effect that affects me physically, like wanting to smack someone. Some of them actually followed me as I only allowed it to monitor their tweets and at some point locked them up and blocked them. I didn’t want their garbage to get to some of the fine people I associate with but maybe, if you’re one of them and choose to read this post, you’re being warned. Maybe it’s time some people actually see what really evil idiots and mentally disturbed trolls and those in training are saying. Just read, learn, if you choose to engage remember to grow a thick skin; they’re scared because they’ve been living a lie and their little world is crashing down thanks to us subversive right-wingers.

Useful idiots in training

This little chick is going to be a lawyer someday which is scary. Even scarier is her lack of knowledge on anything but college sports, reality TV (couldn’t land a guy on one of those bachelor shows, you know the Navy doctor?) and is one angry little girl. This is about one of the best pictures of her right now as she is constantly changing profiles and hiding herself. Loves animals (more than people, you should see her views on abortion) and her buds and school….boring. Lindsay Smith is not even a thorn in anyone’s ass really, but this can show you what is being said in colleges, even in Kansas. Her crime is her ignorance plus a large number of friends who probably share her views. On Twitter she’s morphed from @Kansasgrown85, to @Lindsay Smith, to @LindsayJoEcho (last time I saw her online she had ‘died in the wool liberal’) to today’s exciting personality, @TheKansan. I wonder if she’s auditioning for a movie version of a James Michener novel (thankfully he didn’t write one but nobody told her). I’d like to offer you just a sample of her tweets just to give you a glimpse. She’s game though; being a lightweight talking to her should be fun though I’m bored with her idiocy quickly. I’ve got better things to do unless she crosses the line I don’t bother her. She’s too dumb.

@ForFreeAmerica Michelle Obama is the First Lady. Sarah Palin is a dumbass. Took her 6 years to get a journalism degree, pathetic.

This is a funny response to this tweet because Sarah worked odd and dirty jobs to pay for each semester while home then returned to school when she had the money. She didn’t want to be in debt. I wonder if Lindsay is well-to-do or is studying on one of those nice athletic scholarships and can hang around campus and party and live the charmed life while acting stupid. This is one of the few times I’ve caught a good picture of this elusive lib creature as she’s constantly changing personalities – what’s with the name changing? (Sybill, you in there?) She’s finally coming out and sharing her Facebook page.

She almost looks like the kid next door. Too bad she’ll probably become a lawyer and someday, if we’re still living under the oppressive thumb of liberalism, will be in the defense team of some stinking terrorist. I can’t find the tweet she sent Liz Cheney recently; a ‘shut up bitch’ message as she knows more about Habeas Corpus and the enemy combatant trials than Ms Cheney of Keep America Safe. She’s that good. Here’s one last tweet because I’m getting bored, nice liberal kid:

@KansasUSpatriot what are you talking about? Brownback won’t win. Go back to your trailor park, toothless moron.

Marxists like military veterans running for office

Okay, moving on to bigger game. This guy followed me one day, not two weeks after joining Twitter so that was several months ago. Originally his profile seemed alright but I tell you, click on their website, Facebook page and check some of the followers. I’m not going to list them here; you can do that on your own. Oh yeah, I remember what got my attention. One of his followers had a Che Guevara avatar so as anyone knows I’m on a hunt for commies so I checked out some of his friends. I do this all the time and I screen people. I allow some whom I don’t like or have connection with to tag along so that I can observe them.  It didn’t take me long to figure this out. This guy is running for office for his town and served in the Navy. My profile picture attracts military folks all the time so it’s not a problem. Within a couple of days his stopped following me. His platform is certainly @Al_Nava or Albert “Al” Nava of Stanislaus County, CA fights hard for ‘his’ people. Loves health care reform and is not shy to express how what Obama has done as well as the Dems is simply not enough. Anyone out there from CA who is a Tea Party member may want o watch for him, just because. The recent pro-immigration marches would be his cup of tea. He’s also on Facebook where you can see his story of Navy service and what he thinks qualifies him for public service. No problem there, but good intentions can easily be derailed by some other agenda and that’s all I’ll say. I also offer some of his words for your review. I love his Twitter bio, I mean, it’s pretty scary:

A Progressive independent Force for good against the Conservative Dark Side. I am the change I want to see in the world!

Are you thinking what I’m thinking: “And I Aardvark Ratnik will rule the world!” Mwhahahahaha! (I added that part for my amusement in case you’ve never seen Stupor Duck, shame on you). Seriously though he quickly realized I am part of the “Dark Side” wow that’s deep. I’ll give him some credit for actually being smart enough to leave me alone.


Support these Progressive Democrats,Ann McLane Kuster (NH-02) & Krystal Ball (VA-01), over thr Blue Dog rivals. #p2 #fem2 #lgbt #latino #420

Although this isnt Single-Payer Universal Healthcare, its a foot in the door for Progress.After this,the Fight rages on 2improve #hcr #fem2

We fought thru the DNC’s platform process 2change the language 2include #hcr 4all,but the Democratic majority Congress &President have faild

Go to his Twitter lists, the first one has only one profile but the title should give you further evidence that this guy is a serious Kool Aid stand server:  Members of the Conservative Elite, Republican Empire, or T-Baggers who inspire hatred & fear

I have to keep looking to see if by any change I make one of his lists. I’m listed under other subversive’s Twitter types but I’m not discussing today which I find amusing. Watch this guy.

You’re in our land

These “Latino” supremacy groups (yes, actually that’s what they are, they are a better race about to overtake the rest of us) are getting more militant and angry every day. I’ll cover the pro-illegal people leftist marches soon. They are certainly worthy of close examination and must be taken seriously. One of my favorites is the MEChA or the Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan (chicano student movement of Aztlan)  @nationalmecha on Twitter and Facebook. Their logo should tell you this translates into Strength through unity

(a Spanish word for ‘wick’ but not like that of a candle, more like the fuse at the other end of an explosive device for example like the stick of dynamite held in the eagle’s talon and the fuse held below, no biggie. I’m sure Barbie dolls come with such nice accessories too. Their motto is La Union Hace la Fuerza – strength through unity…more like ‘force brings about compliance. Nice symbol of peace…

Their tweets all sound like they’re a persecuted group and are on the run and they are fighting racism and paints them as (shudder) community organizers. I wonder if they’re the enforcement arm of the latino movement.

A sad story, we stand in solidarity with our herman@s in Madison!

In case you missed the Op-Ed by Senators Schumer and Graham, here it is. They talk about awarding LPR status to…

has officially endorsed the SLAP Week of #Action of March 31-April 4, 2010 — #labor #education

Sick puppies

Happy Israeli Apartheid Week! #IAW

Israeli Apartheid Week: A call for action at Columbia University #IAW #Israeli #Zionism #Racism

A lot of the stuff this ‘person’ tweets about is anti-Israel and from time to time you may see something that seems pro-Israel or against which I find interesting. One thing that really pissed me off what around Christmas Eve when a tweet came through the feed describing a sex act by Jesus Christ and re-tweeted from @RoaYora (By the way, their site link leads to Ron Paul’s website, just saying)  another anti-Israel twitter critter – who by the way followed me for a while til they pissed me off. Even I have a limit. I’ve blocked him since but keep track from time to time. It’s the same crap anyway but the stuff from Christmas was really vile, not the stuff most people would see and complain about. I’ll leave it at that.

I’m done for now. This is something I wanted to share with others because the war is just now beginning and the battle space re-defined. Cyberspace is the great battleground where ideas pool, bounce and collide without a person ever leaving home, one factor I hope remains unchanged.

PS- Do yourselves a favor and don’t block away information about what really goes on because someone tells you to block them or to shun them. In spite of the fact that many people who are of the leftist persuasion have a right to voice their ideas (even if they are nauseating) and if we start campaigning to ban them from social networks because they are mean remember the profiles I just discussed and think if maybe the really evil ones are the ones who don’t cross political lines; they don’t go search and destroy missions. They simply live in their little world and when they come out of the darkness and reach out and find you, pay attention, take notes and if addressed respond calmly. Just like the Tea Party rally protestors these people will test you. If you complain to have them banned they’ve won. Don’t let them win.


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