Back to horse and buggy days

People across America who value bicycling should have a voice when it comes to transportation planning. This is the end of favoring motorized transportation at the expense of non-motorized.

This guy DOT Secretary Ray DLaHood (my spelling) is a major league whack job. For anyone to compare pedestrian and two-wheeled transports such as bicycles such as collecting data on walking and biking trips. So let me get this straight; this buffoon wants to track where people walk or bike. It’s not enough to track where we’re driving to as many more cars now have the technology to track (GPS is still cool though) plus someone in a control room can talk to you live while you’re stranded in your car in the middle of the Mohave…breathe…and this idiot wants you and me to swallow this environmentally sound transportation hoax crap all over again. I mean, these libs don’t give up.

We’re going to be ruled soon by a bunch of cleat-wearing Pelosi-spandex clad vegans like the ones from the League of American Bicyclists.  Now I’m sure I’ll catch a little flak (not really, people read my articles but seldom challenge me, why? I like dialogue too) from saying this because I’m just as keen on physical fitness as the next person but damn. But I’m not giving up driving a car, okay? I like to hear the engine rev up I like the smell of exhaust fumes (okay, maybe a little) and I like cars because they get me places fast. It’s not that I don’t know how to walk or don’t like to walk or bike or that I don’t like to ‘connect’ with my community. When I feel like connecting with anyone I’ll jump in my car and head that way. We’re going to stop modern technology just so that we can benefit a minority of people who know damn well that roads are dangerous? You can wear a Joe Biden safety helmet all day, wear a HAZMAT suit, knee pads (if you work in DC at all you know what I mean) and still, accidents happen and people need to start thinking with their own damn brains if they’ve got them!

I don’t know why on God’s green (the good kind) earth anyone would push so a stupid agenda to help grow the bicycle or excuse me, the non-motorized people and to integrate them into a collective transportation policy. Bull!

I’ll take that back, actually that was a bold-faced lie. The truth is that everything we see manifested is the foundation for controlling how we live and where we live; that’s it! Do you know why this is DOT/s plan? I’ll tell you what. It’s a concerted effort to turn communities into some sort of bicycle heaven that’s tied to the EPA, DOT and HUD. Now give priority or more privileges to some sectors of society and that’s supposed to make things ‘fair’ for everyone. If fairness were the cause for equality then there would be no issue on how we live because everyone would be doing the same….um, I guess just made my own point. I really hate that as the purpose is to disprove what I’m saying. 

I’ll show you another example. Look at this idiocy, the House approved April as the Distracted Driving Awareness Month. This is legislation – like we’re not overwhelmed with useless pet projects – is designed to tell people that if they’re not paying attention they can get hurt. I five-year-old kid can figure that out alone but the government thinks we can’t. I’m fairly certain we’re headed for the elimination of viable transportation.

Hey here’s an interesting side story, you want to get rid of airplanes too? How about goverment travel, like Saddan Hussein, who owned his own airline…the national airline with those ugly planes painted green, yellow and white, and that airport in Baghdad which was pretty much painted with the Baath Party star and same colors…nice. But that’s a side story, nothing to do with the current administration’s ‘green’ or ‘enviromentally’ friendly social re-education, right? We could have transportation to be proud of, don’t you think?

And all the while we can be coaxed into the benefits of driving – or riding, depending on your social status – rickshaws instead of cars because it’s good exercise and we are all fat slovenly capitalists on the verge of self-destruction because we enjoy wolfing down a bacon cheeseburger washed down with a beer or vanilla milkshake from time to time. Maybe we could ride our phat rickshaws to the nearest Socialist Food kiosk, stand in a long line with other miserable losers wearing grey work pajamas holding our little food ration books. How would we all await the great moment when our turns come up and hope to get a glimpse of the First Lady, Madonna-worthy biceps happily scooping out whatever soy-based goo they’ve concocted which will render the dudes tame with boobs and help the ladies grow hair on their chests. Maybe ME-chelle will talk to us about moving away from what was and what shall be…oh yes, I’m hip to that!

The joy of receiving the proverbial Barry & ME-chelle’s Social Leans & Means Soy treats to deem us all slim and fit, wearing red paper hats and aprons and handing out flyers emblazoned with the motto: “If it’s made by the government then it’s good enough for you!”

Clicking our heels we go back to the factories or crammed apartments which are shared by all and enable the entire community to save on things that once made us whole and happy. Thank you, Dear Leader! For giving us the will to live another day…and prepare for the revolution.


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