A Case of forced Union: How Dems used Puerto Rico as Socialist Petri Dish

“Things are seldom what they seem, skim milk masquerades as cream…”

Stop thinking Puerto Rico as just some warm place where you can spend your $$ while sipping a fruity drink with an umbrella sticking out of the glass.

Shacking up is never a good deal. It tips the balance of power leaving one side hanging on waiting for legitimacy while the other continues to victimize the other. At first, Puertorrican leaders wanted to assure independence after the Spanish American war but got a different deal instead. Having been liberated from Spanish rule, the colony ended up in a relationship where it was set up for failure from day one.  Now count one hundred years from that moment and tell me what you see.

Just so we’re clear, this post is not about trying to get word out that something is going on as though it is a surprising event because it is an old political issue and most Americans have never wanted to pay attention to it until now. Of course the fact that whatever Glenn Beck put out on his radio – which I listen to the following morning – or his television program gets a lot of publicity. Perhaps this should have been presented to the public long ago but I know Glenn hasn’t been around that long and neither have I. The deal with Puerto Rico’s inability to arrive at a decision on whether to join the union or remain a colony – call it free associated state, it doesn’t matter the name. It is still an entity with full citizenship but no congressional representation – the real problem is cultural first then political and soon will be served before you.

To be honest, I think it’s a dependency game that the master has decided to break off now that the experiment is pretty Many people will disagree with this concept but hear me out. When the HR 2499 story came out it rated small blurbs online, one letter to the editor on the Washington Times and nothing else. There was no outrage or big news bells and whistles going off but that’s okay. That was back around fall-winter 2009 and Mr. Obama had not taken over the reigns but its time would come.  There is something about every one hundred years that just screams for freedom. Sometimes it’s a nice surprise behind door # 1 but we end up with chaos, revolution, war instead. This is no different. The issue was lack of  understanding because to most Americans the problem was just some abstraction best handled by Washington, just like everything else. So here it is and now everyone is upset about what a rogue Congress is proposing to do. And don’t forget to tie this into the current situation in Arizona where illegal aliens have practically overrun the state and endangered its citizens with high crime rates and other social malladies. The time is right to dig deep into the bandoliere and search for that special ammo the progressive scum have been saving for so long. Here it is. But first a few things I’d like to dispell some historical and factual inconsistencies.

The island really is still a Spanish colony in heart and mind and it never was allowed to be integrated fully into mainstream American culture or politics. It was allowed to grow at its own pace, reaching its industrial boom (or revolution) following WWII and allowed to become psychologically independent from the US. Forget that the local political leadership wanted to bargain for independence after the Spanish American war and the best deal that both sides could come up with (no actually the US shoved this deal they could not refuse) was to become what it is today. Puerto Rico’s government though modeled after the US Constitution still bears some marks from the old Spanish form of governance and often the European socialist mentality clashes with the way the US does business. The establishment of a dependent ‘state’ with benefits that do not extend to congressional representation, I’ll say again that was wrong in the first place and was done as such on purpose. You can’t have viable crises or examples of discrimination to exploit without a victim, can you? In this case it’s about4 million people who will be affected, not counting how the tipping of the balance of power now will affect other states of the union. As a side argument,

The initiative has been pushed hard by Steny Hoyer – my fingers feeling dirty just typing his name – This is not going to be one of my most comprehensive posts but hey, you can always look this up on your own. I’m not holding anyone hostage. The first thing I’d like to clarify is


Amazingly enough locals are just as curiously ignorant of their taxation agreements with the mainland US and probably can’t mention how they pay these taxes. Puerto Rico is subject to all taxes paid to the federal government with the exception of federal income tax but that’s really no break because they do pay into the dreaded social security and medicare through payroll deductions and imported goods to name a few.  Also if local residents work for the federal government there they pay federal income taxes. The local state tax is pretty high considering the average annual salary is around $25k and the goverment is the largest employer on the island. The great “Paro nacional” a few months ago shut down the island as scores of people walked away from their jobs which was mostly government so everything stopped. There is no such thing as a budget and prices for everything have been on a sickeningly upward move. What goes up must come crashing down. That’s the way it goes. Notice how the hardcore socialists are licking their chops and waiting for the cue to jump in and seal the deal. It’s about the biggest tree on the yard and all the other plants are going to die.

So no, Puerto Rico does not reject the prospect of statehood because they want to shirk their taxation, on the contrary, they think their cultural identity will be taken away which is a fallacy. They’re probably taxed as much as Californians and their incomes and cost of life issues even worse. Multiculturalism there has destroyed their real culture and given way to high crime, drug murders and overall destruction of the family. Liberalism has been at play from day one and it’s done a great job.

If you don’t want to live in a welfare state and you’re outraged at the abusive treatment of a people on a small island it’s 100 years too late unless you pick up the phone and tell your congressmen to wake up, look up history and see that what is about to take place will extend beyond just granting Puerto Rico state status. Ethically and morally it was the right thing to do 100 years ago but that wasn’t in the cards. The progressive movement, and now I’m really tired of hearing the term, needed to test the strategy and a small, out-of-the-way foreign speaking former colony was a perfect petri dish. The beaurocracy is so massive on this small island that even the buildings can accommodate thousands of people and that should tell the observer just how dependent these people are on government. It’s not exactly that they want it as the local government is so inept and corrupt and though the voters know it they still vote them in because of name recognition or political ignorance. They vote along party lines and it’s all better then complain then start the dependency cycle all over again.

This legislation is about the most blatant act to further disenfranchise – and mind you I never use that word ever – and actually perpetuates the discriminatory and ‘racial’ – treatment of Puertoricans. The liberals set up the system of dependency that will always make these people look like a bunch of lazy moochers who only want to get money from the federal government and don’t want to work. If the feds would stay the hell out of the Commonwealth and out of the states’ sovereignty and allow for free markets to flourish again then there would be no need to dump public funds into everything! The Progressive Party (Blue) hides behind the Republican shield while the Popular (People’s is the correct translation) Democratic Party (Red) fights for Commonwealth status to remain even though they are card-carrying FDR libs themselves, perhaps a notch above the progressive part but not by much. The independence party bears a green flag but I’m sure you’re not interested in that right now.

The New Progressive Party  while very much pro-American and pro-statehood, is really another brand of liberalism. These guys have been using scare tactics, violence and voter fraud since the turn of the 20th century. Don’t be fooled into believing these people are conservatives because they call themselves Republicans….a name is just a name until we see their deeds. This is the proof. There is a huge labor union presence on the island (yes SEIU runs hotels/plus teamsters just to name a few) so you should know right away that things can get violent if the right triggers are applied. The People’s (Popular) Democratic Party in the meantime, as well-intentioned as it is, has always played the social justice card and advocates just as much government control as the PNP.  The party of Bread, Liberty and Homeland is socialism as soft-porn, just a little less violent but nonetheless pro-big government. They’re no help kind of like RINOs. They don’t break the law with that in-your-face attitude then when caught whistle a nice tune and tap their feet while thugs work you over for distraction. If this bill passes the economic situation on the island will spiral completely out of control and that’s just a breath away believe me, as scores of people are on the verge of being unemployed because of lack of government jobs, lack of industries that create real jobs and increasing cost of living! This is the final blow for America because as I reported before this is all an experiment and believe me, the stuff growing in that petri dish is oozing over the edge and spilling all over the place. It will travel faster than you think. Today, call your representative and stop a great injustice. Any of you Republicans in Congress voting for this atrocity will pay dearly as you are about to unleash great harm upon this great land. And don’t get me started on the illegal aliens taking over the mainland because it’s already happening on this little island…here comes the blob people! Whatever the left does do not fall for this fantastic account later on this summer when they claim that not allowing PR to become a state is racist! Do not fall for that trap. Fight this because it’s opening the door for much more and we’re not in a good position right now.

You may want to re-read Dining with Uber Libs it may have been a funny piece to some people at the time, but I was doing my best to bring in some focus into this problem. Now we can see just how connected and how relevant this situation is and should have been monitoring it long ago. It is everybody’s problem.


One Response to “A Case of forced Union: How Dems used Puerto Rico as Socialist Petri Dish”

  1. What a tangled web they weave. Thanks for sorting it out for us. Call the progressives offensive, repulsive, or whatever you like they are 1 thing for sure methodical WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

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