Leave no crisis untapped

It’s interesting sometimes to observe the immigration debate going into all kinds of directions, anywhere but it needs to go. Ultimately, the world has turned itself upside down in thinking that countries are not defined by their borders. But I wonder where they got that silly idea from? I mean go to Mexico uninvited and see how quickly you’ll end up in some stinky old jail cell getting your ass kicked? Forget about a trial; that could take a while before someone decides to get around to it. Russia? Umm, border guards popped some Ukrainian tourist for ramming through their checkpoint (which is only logical) he didn’t fare well. Maybe bowing down to other countries apologizing for our prosperity and accomplishments had something to do with it. How about permitting a visiting head of state (well, a figure head) to speak before the US Congress declaring our laws are racist and unfair? Go ahead and try the same stunt elsewhere and see how long before local thug cops come to get you!

Someone I used to admire a lot was Linda Chavez. Her speech at this year’s CPAC left me a bit shocked; I mean I know a RINO when I see one but her attitude on this issue was really beyond the pale. The announcer called Ms. Chavez’s family as one of the oldest dating back several centuries in America so basically, her lineage gave her a more relevant knowledge of the immigration issue. Like that’s supposed to make her contention that those 12 plus million illegal aliens might as well stay in the US because their work and living ethics are par to that of mainstream America (I’m not making this up okay?) justification for not enforcing immigration law! Chavez’s opinion is that these people from Latin American origins are really up to par with mainstream Americans. They marry and stay together longer, take care of their kids, have close familial relations and are hard workers. I’m sorry, does this sound like any of us? What exactly is she saying that mainstream America doesn’t have some core values? This was a ridiculous speech; one that told me in February as we struggled to fight the advent of health care legislation (with strings attached) that something was coming down the pipeline. What she’s saying is that they’re not going anywhere so we might as well embrace their illegal status and let them stay.

What is even more disturbing is the attitude from this administration against Arizona’s immigration enforcement. It’s almost as though these events are unfolding according to some plan. But don’t pay attention to paranoid ranting and judge for yourselves. Let’s go back to March 2010 when suddenly (at least to those not involved) the much maligned Minuteman movement called it quits claiming that hey, this border issue is going to spark something, and they don’t want to be held liable in any way. What a terrible shame but you know I can’t blame them! Look at where we are, shall we? After that announcement the pro-illegal immigration forces began to mobilize and were planning marches then Arizona’s law further pushed them into engaging in angry insurrection. I say only angry because it’s a matter of time before these oppressed former owners of the lands of the United States of America like Mecha (the wick) or La Raza (idiots without a purpose) become flat out violent. The health care reform legislation forced on the US had this little hidden gift of more immigration violations. In English, HCR brought the new civil war to our borders and to our cities. These people want what’s not theirs because many in our government brainwashed them into believing it is theirs to take. In the end what this administration wants is to buy votes to keep itself in power and maintain a Democrat majority. This is by no means to say that Republicans have not gone along with this mass suicide. There is truly something going on here and it is not just a random set of circumstances.

We’re being displaced folks. I’ll never read anything by Chavez again I know that.

Look at the immigration rallies following the health care bill; instead of Americans (the folks who are legally here) marching to protest flimsy border security and lax immigration enforcement, those who have invaded us over decades and their offspring set out to challenge the law of the land. Even known criminals with illegal immigration status marched wearing their fashionable detention bracelets in full view, as to mock our entire legal system. Not like they could do this in their own dirtbag countries which makes sense because any show of dissent could sent them to prison or a firing squad. In this country they have turncoats who do the foot work to get them to stay without risking much. ICE is being forced to play a dog and pony show now, allowing for these people – some who have been charged criminally – to roam the country free. But don’t forget we’re all racists. These people would never get away with mocking immigration laws but the powers that be in the US makes it so easy to do and with no consequences. No wonder the Minutemen said the hell with it, there’s going to be war anyway. I agree as this is a blatant invasion and like during the civil war there will be scattered pockets of resistance.

Sometimes these events come in a sliding scale and usually it slides down hill quickly. The left has gone out of its way to spread the word that the right, tea parties rallies and white people are a danger. Not only that; forget any people of other races, the women and registered Democrats who make up the majority of these rally-goers. This is not to really scare us on the right but to motivate those sitting on the fence dangling their feet unaware they’re part of one giant Tom Sawyer fence painting project to take up arms against us.

It was interesting to see how Rahm Emanuel told Katie Couric in March that the GOP is being controlled by a ‘fringe’ group (that’s the grannies holding signs), but would not expand on that statement and said he would do so sometime this summer. This is riveting testimony to the headmaster of the Chi-com-a-gangstas (Chicago leftists who work with the Chicoms for the takeover of America, hey it’s catchy). Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Fringe groups don’t organize with a particular purpose; they are either segmented due to ideological differences and power struggles, which means that the new movement is nothing like the original and probably all about the people who founded it. Sabotage should be factored into this equation. What is it about summer that brings on from skirmishes to invasions to general political upheaval? This is June and with the Arizona situation heating up and Sheriff Arpaio showing the rest of America how this is done, totally embarrassing and trumping the Obama train wreck. I guess Governor Brewer’s testicular fortitude in the face of extinction is too much for the ultra-liberal establishment to tolerate. When someone dislikes another all it takes is for one to engage them in character assassination, sit back and watch the hatred flow in. Brace yourselves it’s going to be a bumpy summer. 


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