Of puppy mills and terrorists

Why Jim Moran thinks he’s doing you a favor by running again.

Yes, the venerable Moran made a formidable effort to sell a crowded auditorium at the Arlington Hospital believe why he’s the only man for the job. What job that is he thinks he’s doing involves his extensive history of grifting earmarks for those who want everything on a platter. That’s not his only sin of course. Election day is upon us and one can only wonder what goes on in a man’s head when he touts his talent for finding money. I’m still pissed about Moran wanting to please master Obama and soil our lovely city with the trial of a monster like the Bali Bomber. How about raising money to fund worthless and needlessly costly projects (BRAC, anyone?), is eager to raise money to help muslim extremist groups grow in numbers in NOVA – along with pundit Jerry Connolly (he needs to be a one-term type, best of luck to Keith Fimian) and fighting to the death to protect the rights of puppies being abused in mills.

Though I find myself to be a rather astute and informed expat overseas with access to media and news, I was not aware that Virginia, District 8 in particular, had a problem with puppy mills. All I know is that on this evening in Arlington as Moran struggled to sell his tired brand of politics to his audience we could all see the fear. It’s all in the eyes; or the lack of juice, either way he’s run out of his usual rhetoric.

By frequently saying ‘my opponent lacks credibility’ he means he’s the defending champion on his last fight; the younger fighter hungry for that title belt.   His senses are right on target, and Moran should have relinquished the belt long ago. Not that he’s a winner, far from it, but someone who has managed to maintain the liberal illusion of prosperity while setting up Virginians for financial demise. Tim Kaine is gone. Jim needs to go.  Patrick Murray is taking a huge risk and earns my respect for challenging the Democrat stronghold. Moran is like the hooker stating to the client what she/he can do. It’s pretty obvious that he’s into politics for his own gain.

This post isn’t meant to go beyond my personal disgust at Moran’s lengthy tenure. Naturally, someone who thinks that military service isn’t public service never lived life – at least not in our reality. I had the opportunity to meet Murray while at home and he seemed sincerely ready to tackle our troubles. It’s going to take a lot of work. If tomorrow yields just enough votes to give Moran a good scare we will have to continue working on getting him out of office. Voters still select him each time because of name recognition, usual liberal stupidity and liberal give-me-what-I-want attitudes. The vicious cycle will have to be broken. How we’ll do that will manifest on November 3rd after the dust settles.

Whatever you do, please don’t vote for Moran because he loves puppies.  Have some damn decency and courage and vote with your head; even if you have to bash it on that voting screen to make real change happen.


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