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Tea Party Rallying Castro-style

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I figured since I’m stuck in the sandbox yet another Independence Day I would share something that could be useful if you choose to attend your local patriotic rally or parade. You never know what trouble is until you’ve had eyes on but then preemption is your best ally. I found this little jewel of communist crowd/rally mitigation (that means attack and disband) plan an embattled Cuban blogger sent out on Twitter. I thought this would be a good illustration of the tactics used in political warfare which involves SEIU and other leftist organizations. Feel free to disseminate this information two trusted sources.

@yoanisanchez: Raúl Castro dijo hay que valorar “con mente abierta los criterios de los demás” y esto circula en centros laborales…

I like to follow Cuban bloggers from time to time but Twitter seems to be one of the best communication tools they have as Castro’s oppressive media crushers are constantly forcing them to adapt, pack up and run and set up shop elsewhere. Talk about freedom of speech. The tweet above last night means:

Raul Castro claims we must hold other people’s opinions in high regard and with an open mind yet the following document was found being distributed around work centers.”

I found out about Yoani Sanchez on CNN actually, and the story was about a Cuban blogger who had been beaten up by cops.  Her blog is also written in English and should be a good study aid to help educate Americans in how precious our country is and volatile our situation has become in fighting the advancing forces of socialism. Freedom of speech for a Cuban is a challenge that involves more than just getting a faster connection; this could them their lives. I follow these tweets and also read their blogs because this could be us and may become us soon. It’s hard to understand what it’s like not to have the ability to say something and not have to face imprisonment or death. Please read this woman’s concern in that she has no p lace to go; neither do we. Protecting our lives and happiness begins with education.

This is the original document:

I thought it was an interesting parallel to the current counter-revolution between the Tea Party movement and the leftist groups such as SEIU, ACORN, Working Families, Planned Parenthood, Moveon, Code Pink and other vermin. Do these mitigation countermeasures sound familiar? Let me know and keep them in mind next time you choose to go to a rally. The Unit ‘X’ concept seems to be a state-run workplace trained to act on behalf of the government in the crushing of peaceful gatherings. Basically if you work at a widget factory you belong to a UNIT (your shop) and your manager is the administrator of the unit and if there is a protest or peaceful march close by that falls under you area of operations.  This is nothing more than state-sanctioned thugs trained to terrorize citizens.  Does that make sense? Basically this Unit is designed to crush dissent from reaching workers such as advocacy groups or other protesters either by causing disruption to their activities or engaging them physically. This is a translation with some notes on what is what. When I find other information I will share it. Keep your eyes peeled.

Translation by: Maggie E Leclerc



To organize all means necessary measures aimed at repelling acts of civil disobedience and counterrevolutionary disturbances which may originate within the Unit’s area (means area of operations).

A brief examination of the possible types of civil disobedience:

Let’s consider that counterrevolutionary manifestations could take place in or around our work centers possibly affecting the integrity of the security for our workforce and our clients with the purpose of creating an environment of uncertainty and impact our economy.

  • Anti-counterrevolutionary and civil disturbance Missions
  • Conduct uninterrupted surveillance of possible target zones

Organize and train Unit forces with available rudimentary weapons in surrounding areas according to location of personnel (obtain & arm according to area)

  • Repel disturbances at the core
  • Perform first-responder duties for fires and tend to casualties resulting from physical confrontations

Maintain line constant line of communication with the area Command Post and MININT (Ministerio del Interior – Cuban Ministry of the Interior)

Military Sector OG –

Command Center – MININT PNR – Policia Nacional Revolucionaria (National Revolutionary Police) (This is some sort of special forces unit which is a combination between a SWAT team and a military element designed to respond to emergencies and trained in closed quarters combat. They also have the GTE which conducts patrols of tourist areas)

  • Industrial Entities Command Post (Um, industries are state-run, in case you forgot)
  • Firefighters (This means the firemen are kept in their areas for training isolated from others and integrated into the actual response team-which means they also engage in ‘repressive’ movements just like the national police)

OLPP PM (Organos Locales del Poder Popular, Local Organizations of Popular Power)

How to structure local forces

Organize your workers on site first then if needed and other workers can be recalled to help during situations.

  • Weapons
  • Sticks
  • Rebar (no size given)
  • Cables



Mitigation plan to repel counterrevolutionary and civil disobedience-related disturbances

Oath of cooperation


Mitigation plan to repel counterrevolutionary and civil disobedience-related disturbances

Type of Event Action to be taken Parties involved Leadership Date
Civil disturbance (Riot) Ensure protesters do not utilize Unit resources of assets to carry out protestCollect and quickly hide any cash from businessRepel civil disturbances

Extinguish fires & provide first aid

Notify administration (Mgmt)

Other actions as directed

Notify superiors

Workers on site (shift) Administration As they occur
Actions or expressions against the revolution, political parties or government in general Respond with convincing, solid  arguments & ensure to leave no doubt that their protests are unacceptable in our work centersNotify administratorOther actions as assigned

Notify and summon the PNR, PCC or OLPP

Workers on site (shift) Administrator As they occur
Execution of plan against perceived counterrevolutionary activity Respond with actions and measures necessary in order to impede these activities at all costs Workers on site (shift) Administrator As they occur



The Constitution of the Rapid Response Team of Unit X

On this hour ______ of the month of _________ of year  ______ “Year of the Revolution” enactment of this charter as the objective to create the Rapid Response Detachment.

Public disturbances and other counterrevolutionary activities will never be permitted or accepted from our workforce as the streets belong to the counterrevolutionaries.  This is an affirmation that these disturbances will be repelled.

As part of this nation, the directors, officials and workers of this unit will become integrated into the Rapid Response Detachment and will act accordingly and without regard for our needs in the defense of our revolution and will spare no sacrifice in order to accomplish this.

On this day solemnly affirm that from this moment on this act constitutes a binding agreement to squelch these activities regardless of origin and magnitude.

Civil disobedience and public disturbance mitigation plan Cuba (1)


Citizen Kaine’s Parting Gift to VA

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“Virginia Leading the Way”

That is Governor Kaine’s motto but leading Virginians where? Instead of preparing to move on with his life and after having inflicted enough damage to the Commonwealth’s economy he is eager to announce the nature of his parting gift; ‘People are going to see an awful lot in this budget they don’t like.” 

Like all Demicrats, Kaine, throws the proverbial hand grenade into the hole and runs away, perhaps glancing over his shoulder to see everything go up in smoke. Well, instead of acting like a gentleman working for Virginia’s future he leads the way into higher taxation and job cuts, a nice parting gift for the holidays. He’s like the bad boyfriend who gets dumped at Starbucks over some drink I can’t spell out; if he can’t have VA then no one else can have it. A tax hike will certainly force the Republican/Conservative side of the house to deal with this atrocity long after he’s left office. This is clearly designed to set up Governor-elect McDonnell for failure but we must all be astute and pay attention. This is precisely why we’ve voted Dems out and more will be ejected from VA in coming elections. To fight it is the right thing but just the same Kaine is determined not to balance our budget responsibly (say, stop spending) and I’ve been waiting for that car tax to go away as promised but nothing. Kaine is convinced that he can balance a budget at this point in time it doesn’t make sense. Here’s a clue: stop spending on social programs. This is not news. Get rid of social programs catering to the environmentalist movement; that should save you a lot of money.  

Another thing that bothers me is a study being conducted to determine why there are less minority students enrolled in gifted studies programs in comparison to their white peers. After I found it I started looking for the cost of the study but naturally, it’s not mentioned. Now I can’t find the original story on his site but that’s okay. I’d like to volunteer to conduct the study, and I will only charge $1 for my trouble.

Minority kids have access to gifted study programs. Why they are not represented in greater numbers may be due to a poor study and family support system. Why? Because it’s the Dems’ doctrine to convince minorities that they are too dumb to do anything on their own, and this is done from cradle to grave. Their academic ethic may be strong but if not properly supported parents will not make them do the work to get them to that level. It’s a working theory but after discussing this issue with some friends of mine who used to be teachers the lack of parental support at home is a huge factor in lower performance scores.

But then libs like to think that after-school programs are better than to let kids run home and do their homework, right? We have smart kids with great potential in VA. Let them choose their courses. That’s about as much freedom as we have today…before electives go away for good.

So now, after all this spending and receiving federal handouts to fund pet projects we can expect Virginia’s high schoolers to be forced to take a financial literacy class. Now think about that; Demicrats spend out of control, we’re on the verge of national bankruptcy and economic collapse and this is the time to introduce the elements of capitalism in schools. Fantastic. With the terrible example of fiscal mismanagement I’d say the course would be a waste of time and effort. All these kids have to do is watch the news and see how not to handle their finances. How are we going to pay for the books?

How about we have ACORN – which is still getting federal funds – to buy the books and run the courses? After all, with a president who values a good self-grading moment like it’s nobody’s business, he’d be proud to see that the training of future illegal accountants is well-funded. Here is genius testimony to this legislation, just make sure no one thinks I’ve made it up. And I quote:

Del. Lionell Spruill Sr., D-Chesapeake, who sponsored the legislation for the course, said he believed a financial literacy class was necessary because he met many students who had no clue about managing money.

“They didn’t know how to keep a record or balance a checkbook,” he said. “They were spending money on credit cards that they don’t know they have to pay back.”

You know this is just too outrageously funny and sad at the same time. This is not the time to make major changes to anything. Just leave things alone. I thought that discussing Kaine would be boring but you know what? Maybe I’ll find enough stupid crap and add to this post, just to prove how destructive he and the Dems in Virginia are.


So did anyone ask Timmy why Virginians coughed up around half a million dollars to fund security and transportation costs for the Obama coronation? The feds have reinbursed the Commonwealth part of that money but there’s more. That should be only part of the $5.7 million spent by Virginia transportation agencies – why is a local government helping the feds with security costs? – reinbursing us $2.8 million. Where’s the rest of the money? With stimulus money gone to ghost zip codes and other money that is not accounted for I have to ask, when are we going to start prosecuting these corrupt politicians for their negligence and crimes and fiscal fraud? Timmy is out of office. There has to be a way of bringing charges to these people so that justice can be served.

If I wanted to go see Obama’s coronation I would have driven or taken a bus or metro. Why stage the dem’s wagons in Virginia is outrageous. But that’s okay. Accountabiliy will once again come to light. Bob McDonnell has a lot of work ahead of him.

Republicans, you’re not off the hook. In the senate action must be swift to stop this tax increase to go through and stop these special projects from being funded. Your political future depends on that. You know what? You should have been history too. Go away quietly. We can elect new people.