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Dining with Uber Libs II: Puerto Rico’s struggle against privatization of government jobs

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Right before the story on HR 2499 came to light – and was summarily ignored by the media until a few days ago – I caught this headline on El Nuevo Día newspaper. This piece was published and pulled back in November 2009 as I was occupied with a family emergency and never got it back on so my bad but honestly, I simply thought no one or few people would give a damn, so I set it aside for more tweaking then my mom died so I figured the situation was not going to go away either way. Still this should be a good example of where things may go if the bill passes into law and serves as the prelude to our current situation in that the island’s finances have gone out of control and a drastic bailout plan must be implemented. Did I say bailout? How silly of me…that stuff only happens within CONUS, right? That and I was on the island right after the Paro Nacional I mentioned in a previous post which in many ways is tied to this push for the HR2499. This story is worth taking a few minutes to translate.

Privately contracted janitors shine in their absence: many have not reported for work where they are needed.”

There is a job crisis going on in Puerto Rico just as everywhere else. The fact that on this island the state government is the largest employer makes the matter even more significant. Recent layoffs spurred on a massive protest march (Paro Nacional) that was a pretty big deal because it shut down roads and frankly nothing really moved that day but the protestors. Down here the ultimate objective for a citizen is to work for the government, after all, government has all the resources, right?

So what happens when government knows it has been spending too much and cannot afford to pay its employees? They cut back on personnel. This is a reduction in force, a concept that is not lost on Americans but when about 80% or more of the population work for the government then the outrage makes sense. It also makes sense how scary the public sector is in comparison. Before I continue with my little story about unionized state teachers bitching about contract janitors let’s focus first on what is called:

La Ley #7 or “Ley Especial Declarando Estado de Emergencia Fiscal y Estableciendo Plan Integral de Estabilización Fiscal para Salvar el Crédito de Puerto Rico”

In English: “The special law to declare a state of fiscal emergency and to establish an integrated plan of fiscal stabilization in order to save the credit standing of Puerto Rico”  (you may take a deep breathe now).

Did somebody get paid a bonus for coming up with this name? I’m sure they did! There is a link to a listing of all the agencies and private-sector entities that would be affected or involved in this fiscal re-alignment of the island’s budget deficit. There is a government bank here by the way Banco de Fomento in case these people need a little help from their former employer and government-run health care is also involved (has been for a long time).

That’s the law that regulates ‘fiscal’ emergencies (like when one shops on credit then fails to pay at the end of the month?) made into law March 2009 (wow, that’s fast!). There is a site where government workers can call and check to see if they’ve been cut and apply for assistance and all that jazz. I just want to make sure I explain that I’m in no way poking fun at this situation, I am however making some serious comparisons between what happens at the smallest level (an island with about 4 million people) and the larger picture (mainland US with a population of 308,088,214 according to the US Census). Back to my story.

Here’s another point to examine just for fun. The governor of Puerto Rico Luis aka Milhouse Fortuño was nominated to the Council of Governors advisory board by Obama in February, does anyone remember that? I guess not.  Makes one wonder what deal was struck for a bailout over some sort position in the Obama administration. This is how it’s done on the island trust me. When former governors run for senate seats after they’ve exhausted their terms then serve as resident commissioners just to have a seat in Washington (wonder if that’s really a silent vote). Then the rumors about Fortuño as a possible presidential hopeful began to float about the news and the web and even a ticket with Sarah Palin was tossed into the proverbial stew pot; but only to most of our amusement.

So about the teachers; they complained they had to clean their own classrooms and that the new cleaners were a no-show or had limited work schedules. The contracts have been awarded and work should have commenced. Do I see fraud, waste and abuse of contracts here? Maybe or is it just bad management? While the folks who performed cleaning work in schools go home on early leave and abandon their jobs or took severance payments the private workers have to contend with the prospect that they will not be welcomed as they are seen as the enemy who took away jobs. But they’re probably better paid and have better benefits. This is truly a bad situation everywhere you look even on the surface the slimy film is forming. Little by little progressivism is doing away with what used to be a healthy economy…sort of reminiscent of another island not too far away where ‘change’ was needed to erase the ills caused by capitalism. Goodbye private industry, welcome big government.

“I’m sure the privately-hired people will not be as enterprising as our public-sector employees as they have been part of the school community for so long.”

I’m sure one janitor can clean as well as the other. This is the liberal mind at work.


Socialist agenda groups such the unions are impatiently waiting to take over government. But I’m sure you’ve figure this out already. This is how these people think of the private sector:

If you want to make a change someplace you need to practice or put it to work at a small scale to see how it does. I would call this island a petri dish of sorts, where the population is not exactly captive but severely dependent on government and where the collective attitude will usually favor big government. It’s been about a hundred years but the effort really took off before WWII. I’ve observed that since Obama took office federal job hiring campaigns have gone up, especially for volunteer work. How interesting, as the private sector jobs dry out due to this economic rapture maybe the connection is there; eliminate our options so that we have no choice but to depend on government. That experiment is working beautifully in this small lab. Imagine what that will be on a greater scale.


Propaganda and Culture Wars: Re-writing history

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A woman called the Glenn Beck radio show recently complaining that at her high school the teachers posted pictures of Chairman Mao, one of the most reviled figures in world history. Oh, I remember, this was right after that weirdo Anita Dunn was caught on video talking about, who else, Chairman Mao. Maybe the schools think there isn’t ‘equal’ representation of historical personages and just wanted to include mass-murderers. It’s practically the lion chasing the gazelle and the encounter is in its final phase; the submission of the lesser creature to the dominant one. But I’m being cryptic here aren’t I? I am talking about how information affects people’s thinking and not only that, it is the lack of good information that forces people into apathy, into letting go of common sense and desire to survive and thrive in this country. That is precisely the kind of war we are fighting but many Americans just don’t see it. I fear the book burning wagon, well except those books I just described, they don’t even make good kindling for a long winter but I mean all other knowledge. Where will this propaganda machine take us? I guess down the road to social justice by teaching kids that America stinks, according to the History Channel – mind you, I will not watch any of your shows again, even if I go into convulsions – thinks that the program The People Speak , which aired last night, is a fair representation of American history.


But look at the forces pushing this program: Hollywood types of course but there’s more. Howard Zinn, who claims to be a historian (I digress), has a different view of the world and he wants everyone to fall in line with his vision. His Zinn Education Project is a sickening network of subversive academic programs that break down what you and I know into a make-belief world where the United States is the perpetrator of great crimes against humanity.

“I can UNDERSTAND pessimism, but I don’t BELIEVE in it. It’s not simply a matter of faith, but of historical EVIDENCE. Not overwhelming evidence, just enough to give HOPE, because for hope we don’t need certainty, only POSSIBILITY.”

What kind of crap is this? You only need possibility? Well, then that explains why The Token in Chief can give himself a B- grade without having any positive or qualified accomplishments since he took office, so why not? Just about every person in his cabinet lacks appropriate experience for their jobs. Frankly, I’m tired of this effort from the left to re-write history in order to turn children and feeble minded adults into drones who will jump off a cliff like lemmings on command. Again, never take anything they sell you at face value; there is a hidden cost, always. I spoke about the history of tyranny being defeated in the name of liberty in my first post. This is an ongoing theme throughout the history of humanity. Zinn’s empire extends to two other networks, Rethinking Schools which here breaks down what really happened the first thanksgiving day and Teaching for Change which by the way bears the motto: ‘Building social justice starting in the classroom.’

Look at the Zinn Education Report I saw a couple of racially based organizations listed as partners or contributors. Ummm, fascinating. I saw the keywords, “RAZA” (Race) and “MULTICULTURAL” “TOLERANCE” “CHANGE” and got really uncomfortable. I don’t like it one bit. I don’t like the names of some of the other ‘supporters’ either. Look them up.

Okay, I’ve had enough. Look at the report. This actually goes beyond propaganda. This is a full-blown movement. Take a look at their books while you’re at it.

Will you permit the information to reach your kids and cross your fingers and hope they grow up to be sensible adults? I’m not going to go all Montag here and though I would not advocate the burning of books, but damn. How can we allow what knowledge we have, this huge pool of wonderful ideas and creative workings of the human mind to be replaced by fictitiously distorted and vulgar historical alternatives? On the other hand, there is a dire need to find a suitable way to rid our society from hazardous materials that could damage America’s children in the future. Let’s not give these Marxists the chance take control of what we learn and what we feel. We should not allow these people to destroy our way of life through our children. What better way to control the mind than to manipulate information and shape behavior that is in concert with their communist utopian world?

Here are some other jewels of the new educational revolution:

Teaching plan: America ‘an oppressive hellhole’

University outlines re-education for those who hold ‘wrong’ views

Kids to meet Marx in school

Historian Zinn Blames America for 9/11

Propaganda and Culture Wars: The Educational System

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After a long stressful month I come back to work and within 48 hours I have the flu. That figures. Anyway I’ve been giving this stuff some thought for a while and I’m just catching on to a lot of the influence that schools have on children. I went through some of my mom’s things recently and I found this lapel pin. I think I saw it before and the thing actually made me chuckle because it was given to my mom as a little girl for graduating from kindergarten. Big deal, I thought. I put it back into her box of wonders where she kept things from a past we’re not going to see again. The pin got me to thinking though that at one time even at the lowest level a child received recognition for accomplishing something, say, worked hard at learning the alphabet, penmanship and could recite the pledge of allegiance. Mom kept certificates from first grade and such in an old folder and recalled how school was actually about learning basic skills. I can’t do math. I am a wonder of the public school system some 50 years later and I can’t do math without breaking into a sweat. So I have a math phobia. But my folks could do math right off the top of their heads and spoke with seriousness even in their later years about how their teachers expected them to learn the materials provided and be good at it.

So the pin, considering the state of affairs in this country and the decline in our education system I’d say makes more sense now. Hard work merited rewards. Math is very useful and so is English and government classes but instead I hear more and more about courses that introduce children to matters not appropriate to their psychological development and less useful once they enter the workforce. People were happy and proud to earn a high school diploma but so much has changed since my parent’s time. I also noticed the pin bears a cross which is something amazing because by the time my generation entered the school system God too was rendered inappropriate. I got into trouble for reading a prayer sheet my mom gave me which I had slipped inside a book and was reading it before class. The teacher came into the room, zeroed in on me, grabbed the book and found the terrible contraband inside. Mind you, this was one of the teachers who complained of not making enough money and was frequently going to strikes while leaving us kids in the classroom to rot in stupidity.

Tea and cake for 1,000 to go please

I couldn’t understand where her anger came from back then but I do now. I’m not saying all teachers are like that, but let’s face it; the system has been infiltrated by subversives for so many generations that it’s hard to tell if you’re in safe company. Even in my college years while I went to night school while in the service I had to tackle professors with ideas so radical I had to wage academic war on them. I won. One guy looked like some beatnik type and I wonder how he was allowed on the base to teach, but he had this thing for teaching strange history. You know, stuff that isn’t exactly right. He said during one of his lectures that the attack on the Bastille was not an attack; it was a peaceful takeover of a prison. I looked around and everyone else but me and at the time my husband were shaking their heads in agreement. Uh, no, the Bastille was rushed by citizens who previously organized and broke into a large mob that broke into the Invalides prison and stole scores of weapons but had no ammo. So, the word got out quickly that the Bastille prison had tons of ammo. Two plus two I can count that much. The mob headed to the Bastille and launched the French Revolution and I’m putting this into simple terms because the introduction of bad science and bad history into the classrooms is pervasive and a danger to our way of life. So no, the rush on the Bastille was not some we are the world thingy. We had heard enough of that guy, his long curly hair flopping over his shoulders as he went too far when he started explaining how Hitler was misunderstood and that Nazism was more about a movement based on the occult, like Satanism or whatnot; basically gibberish.

We went home and searched our library. Hubby went for some standard history of the world stuff while I went for the cannon shells, because I don’t do anything in a small scale. Armed with our books, we dropped them loudly onto the front row table and took a seat. Professor paced back and forth and from time to time he would glance at our books, mine more than hubby’s for some reason. After about an hour professor stopped in front of me while talking (I tuned him out, I had good grades anyway) and picked up one book; Simon Schama’s Citizens, A chronicle of the French Revolution. He mentioned with surprised that was one of the hardest books to read. I just smiled. I liked the book. I could read you know, it wasn’t hard for me. It didn’t take long before we both engaged the man in academic combat, leaving him frustrated. He called a break and asked us both to step aside. He was direct. We were being disruptive. Hubby smiled and got in his face. We’re just debating you, that is what we’re supposed to do in class, right?

Well, no, he said. He preferred that students stuck to his lesson plan. But we complained that his lesson plan contained no truth at all, no factual information that could be verified in our books. Maybe in his world history was recorded differently. So after going back and forth the terms for a truce were put out to us: if you stop bringing these books to class and getting into arguments, I will give you both an A.

We kept on for a while until it was obvious that he knew at least two people in his class were not drones and that scared him. That meant he lost control of his class and could not deliver his message. The semester was about half-way over so we backed off but we were both A students anyway. The pressure was on and I understood then that the professor belonged to the same bunch who espouses the vilification of children who pray in school like their lives are in danger. I’m not turned easily. I ask questions and I check sources and so should you. What are your kids learning in school? Is what they are learning in concert with your values? Careful in asking around; dissent is considered disruption. We’re not supposed to learn in school what my folks and your folks learned in school. So what is it? There can’t be anything like spirituality or friendly discussion of topics unless you follow a certain agenda.

Like the people who rushed the Bastille on that morning of July 14, Americans will have to arm themselves with the truth and fight the same kind of tyranny they fought against then. Don’t show up for a battle without your ammo. I don’t take anyone’s word at face value, believe me. I like to have the option of checking before I agree. We should all do that.

That’s where propaganda comes in. You can’t sell trash to the masses unless you dress it up. But that’s for my next installment. Wish me a quick recovery from the flu. Good night.

The Charmer in Chief

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“Power is not a means, it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power.”  George Orwell

No, I don’t think that Barack Obama is a charming guy, not by a long shot. 


For that matter, I don’t see how people think he’s got rock star charisma either. However he’s more like one of those snake charmers from Appalachia; though he says his belief in the snake of oblivion is justified through scripture, handling is still a dangerous endeavor. In his case, his message is perhaps much more dangerous because they are so deeply imbedded in his psyche that he’ll do anything to advance his agenda. His personal brand at first portrayed as a new grassroots, clean and refreshing breath of air to the usual Washington insider’s shenanigans. Now even people who voted for him (yes, the ones who thought that ‘change’ would take care of right-wingers and not affect them) are puzzled to see that nothing he’s promised has been fulfilled. Well, actually, the guy is quite truthful; he’s been saying what he wanted to do all along, it’s just that folks simply hear what they want to hear but don’t analyze the content and relevance of his speeches which brings me to the point of propaganda and marketing approaches of the Democrat party.

                Beliefs can often be so strong as to make a reasonable person act strangely but some people actually believe in what they say or do and want you to be of the same persuasion. Perhaps the snake analogy doesn’t get through m ost people, so let me change it to mass hysteria, hypnosis, how’s that? One thing is to take scripture at face value and another is to let someone else interpret it for you. But tell me, why are Obama supporters going to rallies, are being more vocal about his policies and frankly act like someone lied to them? Maybe they are just as mesmerized (Franz Mesmer was a professional pervert by the way) by his message as the rest of us were terrified by his apocalyptic persona. Still, we fail to see the big picture. So let’s take a look at the sum of the parts rather than the whole because it’s obvious that we’ve been duped but this could have been prevented. Unfortunately, allowing a guy like Obama to serve as leader of the free world may be something that cannot be reversed even after he leaves office.

 There are many changes in the way we live our lives in America and for the most part the groundwork for these changes had been set over many generations until now, a time in the age of information, where everything is being recorded, stored and sent across the world in seconds and where the line between legitimate information and propaganda is blurred; masking the truth with the advent of a new era or world order and that new world order comes under a false premise. But how does a charmer make his way into power without being discovered? That depends on branding. While one man’s brand promises change nobody really needs, another wages an open revolution, crams it down the throats of his people, and then complains that others are simply scheming against him.

I can see the Obama phenomenon as the Russian royal family and their sidekick Rasputin which is aptly filled in by the likes of Oprah (the “Oracle”) who dishes out chic advice to the glamorous couple and tags along like a cabinet member. But other than that, of course, the connection with Hollywood buffoons and hangers on to join his cool posse really should make us curious because we’ve been eating this jacked up soup of worldly temptations for many generations and now we’ve reached the bottom of the terrine. So what’s next, dessert?  I’m getting a sour stomach actually and that post-party taste in the mouth ain’t pretty either.

In the case of Obama, this revolution was designed to be more covert, systematic but silent. After a while, speeches and cool sound bites run out of their own efficacy giving way to public awareness leading to brief pauses which could either swing things in the opposite direction if not handled promptly. We can’t let you all think for yourselves, you understand right? Like the snake charmer, the charmer needs the snake since without it there is no show or racket.  Surely the snake charmer can’t have an effect based on his personality. Obama can’t possibly work his magic alone  so behind him there must be a force large enough to sustain the attack on American values, our Constitution and civil liberties. The force must also be large and strong enough to see and counteract every defensive move we make.

Hollywood, NEA and how movies and pop culture can point you to the coming age

The news were really news a hundred years ago as forms of communication were limited to the technology of the time though with the advent of higher technology humanity went from smoke signals to the telegraph to the telephone and the party line to the world wide web. The amount of information out in the net is so overwhelming is the perfect environment because when there is much to sort through we will either persevere or give up searching for the truth. For a guy with no experience who has a big talent for gab aided by technology (teleprompter industry sure has experienced a boon, huh? Who said Obama hasn’t created jobs?)

Let me see. Right off the top of my head, health care reform, economic stimulus package, right of life debate, gun control, food labeling laws, cancer screenings, the H1N1 virus scare, reproductive rights, the list goes on.        I will be examining some of my favorite films and would like to see how the socialist message has been transmitted to the rest of us. I know it’s there. I’ve heard that disgusting whisper in my ear for most of my life; I just always hoped the message was just an attempt to take over our way of life and not an actual movement in progress. The enemy works in plain sight and all we do is sit and wait for John Wayne to save the day. Well, I’ve got news for you. John Wayne is gone and metro-sexual men are the flavor of the decade (yuck) and they’re not keen on saving anything but themselves.

There is nothing more unpleasant than to walk into a room and discover a thief robbing you. What do you do? Did you close the doors, windows; did you turn off the stove? They’re here and all we can do is prepare for battle, plain and simple. This blog is just about taking apart some of the pieces of the big lie to show you it’s been there all along. I know where it’s going to take me and don’t like it but I’d rather have truth than darkness, don’t you?