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The drones have it

Posted in freedom of speech, liberty, tea party on April 15, 2010 by AN Security

All this talk about the trampling of our rights gets me all ready for my Sunday morning at work. It’s interesting to see that an increasing number of Americans are more aware of how our liberties are slipping away, mostly in freedom of speech. Amazingly enough it also appears that though we’re aware for some reason we’re censoring ourselves. I couldn’t see a better time in our history than now to aggressively seek out liberal and other communist derivatives out there and latch on until either they understand and join or we make them retreat. Unfortunately sometimes retreating armies go back to regroup, not just to lick their wounds and we have to be prepared for this development. Why should I feel afraid to say anything? I’m unconcerned about popularity for reasons that are my own so what I do is strictly to promote freedom which also includes the right to be left alone to live our lives as we deem fit.


Thanks to useful idiots the ephemeral larger-than-life Senator Obama save-the-world fantasy afforded him a successful campaign even in the absence of public knowledge of the truth. I’m still laughing at this Howard Stern show. Say what you may about Stern but we just can’t make this stuff up. People who follow the left are such militant even lies sound better than reality. They convulse at the sound of truth like it’s Kryptonite and now many are joining the rest of us angry, ultra-white and ultra-right-wing (even though other ethnic/cultural groups are joining rally after rally) Tea Partiers. Many others continue to fight and hold the hill as we advance

Thanks to useful idiots the ephemeral larger-than-life Senator Obama save-the-world fantasy afforded him a successful campaign even in the absence of public knowledge of the truth. I’m still laughing at this Howard Stern show. Say what you may about Stern but we just can’t make this stuff up. People who follow the left are such militant even lies sound better than reality. They convulse at the sound of truth like it’s Kryptonite and now many are joining the rest of us angry, ultra-white and ultra-right-wing (even though other ethnic/cultural groups are joining rally after rally) Tea Partiers. Many others continue to fight and hold the hill as we advance and we’d better be triumphant in this quest because there’s no second or third place loser place here folks. These people are so ignorant they can’t accept reality and fight fiercely to protect the big lie. All you have to do is present some established fact to them to make them shake in their Birkenstocks.

Keep the change chump

This is “Tax Day” and the people will be marching on the Mall tonight and across the country scores of Americans will show their disdain for this abusive power that resides in Washington. Today is about eliminating (boy, can’t wait to piss off someone with such ‘violent’ rhetoric) the lib’s charge against our freedoms. I’ve mentioned before why I felt the clock has been reset and every day that passes there is even more evidence that we are reliving history is the worst way but today we have the advantage of technology to help preserve the atrocious conduct of the left, their violent tendencies and the lawfulness of the right.  Go out and ‘protest‘ today but really it’s your right to say what you feel. Just go and join others and express yourselves. Silence is about the only thing the left hopes can exploit and even then their failure is so huge they’re scared of YOU.

And watch out for the little Sasquatches out there…don’t get tangled in their hairy traps.


Don’t call us Tea Baggers

Posted in how to speak tea bag, liberty, NPR, patriotism, tea baggers, tea party, tyranny on January 21, 2010 by AN Security

I sent NPR online a note as an upset ‘tea bagger’ to see what I would get. I was surprised at the level of professionalism in their response but learned that we both have to grow a thicker skin and also learn about how what we read online sometimes can feed into the stereotype of conservatives. I picked a bad day to quit sugar and I’m running out of coffee so this may be the first of several hard core posts…enjoy. Here is my rabid conservative email:

Let me tell you something, whoever chooses to read this email, and feel free to pass this on to your bosses. Your days of squandering the public’s money by promoting insulting and demeaning garbage like your little How to speak Tea Bag cartoon may be over. Has it occured to any of you that flushing the media with this type of propaganda does not go unnoticed? Clearly none of you think you’re immune to being dismantled because it’s going to happen. Politicians who usurped the people’s power of self-governance will be removed one by one and after that ‘institutions’ such as NPR which do not represent the people who pay for it so NPR has to go. If you want to do comedy take your garbage to comedy central, maybe they’ll give you a chance. I hold two degrees and working on a masters’ and unlike you people I can read between the lines. Go ahead and make fun of our anger and continue to represent tyrannical rule; it’s all crashing down on you. I don’t listen to NPR anymore so I don’t know how you want to ‘share’ my views.

This is NPR’s response:

Dear Ms. Leclerc,

Thank you for writing the Ombudsman. We value your feedback on independent commentator Mark Fiore’s November cartoon. The response has been overwhelming. Many were offended; and a few were delighted. We wanted to share Ombudsman Alicia Shepard’s column on the cartoon. We encourage you to read it and leave comments. And invite you to sign up for future Ombudsman postings by putting your email address in the bucket on the right at The cartoon is a commentary, and reflects the animator’s perspective – and not NPR’s. However, NPR initially didn’t make that clear. NPR senior news management has since made sure that Fiore’s cartoons are labeled Opinion and that he’s identified as an independent syndicated columnist. Ms. Shepard feels the cartoon is not in keeping with public radio’s Core Values. We appreciate your perspectives, and value your taking the time to contact us. Clearly you care about the quality of NPR’s coverage. We are sorry if the cartoon offended you, but hope you will still donate to your local station. When you donate, it goes directly to your local station. Your station uses the money to buy a variety of programs that you may enjoy that have nothing to do with NPR – such as Prairie Home Companion, BBC, Marketplace or This American Life. We hope you will continue to support your local station. Again, thank you for writing. Sincerely, Caitlin Office of the Ombudsman

My actual response:


Thank you for your prompt response to my email. I would like to clarify that though I am a conservative, vote republican and have participated in the Tea Party rally phenomena at some point in the past year; I am not foaming at the mouth and screaming bloody murder at liberals. Well, not literally anyway.

I write all the time and take great pleasure at poking fun at the ‘other side’ because that’s just the way of politics and I love the back and forth of political debate. Thus for the short but visceral email I sent to you today. It was the best mirror behavior I could come up with. The purpose of my email was to test your response, perhaps it was a bit underhanded of me but given the amount of negative feedback I read on friend’s online blogs and other political networks I frequent I decided to write. When I got the link to the animation page I had to see what it was about first. The quality of Fiore’s work is great though the more I watched the cartoon – before I panned back up to the short introduction – I caught on to what may have been interpreted by the viewers as offensive to the Tea Party people.

Many people will be offended in spite of my review but I thought it was worth some examination and analysis. I’m not saying that fellow conservatives’ views are not legitimate because the animation itself had a direct impact on them and their beliefs but I felt I had to offer a different view. Frankly, I am not offended by Mark Fiore’s “Learn to Speak Tea Bag” cartoon which made fun of the Tea Party movement as it has many other people were in that I don’t take silly, childish things seriously. I could find more insightful and entertaining videos on youtube and many I can watch and learn from compared to Fiore’s. I see just as much political and social satire every day enough to fill a warehouse yet this cartoon, as much as I hate censorship, bothered me on a different level, but I don’t feel it has to be pulled from the site. It is the format of the opinion piece that leads the reader, often drawn first to visual effects before the written word, left with a bit of a void but allowed for the reader to focus on the animation without the benefit of further background information. In fact, the piece is very anticlimactic to me because Fiore goes on about how great his work is and does a self-endorsement then gives the reader a link to National Review’s article by Jay Nordlinger about the birth of the term ‘tea bagger’ then leaves you with the animation. No segue to this theme or a real discussion of this political manifestation, just the animation showing the incoherence and ignorance of Tea Party revelers. Basically, Fiore is just not funny and these jokes are just old.

NOTE: The term ‘tea bagger’ is used in a derogatory way and I have to agree that regardless of intentions those people who use it to describe conservatives is being vulgar and reluctant to engage in intelligent discourse about politics without using some gimmick.

In my estimation had I reviewed this piece at NPR I would have required for him to compose an intelligent essay on the differing views between the left and the right but found it to be lacking in theme development but manages to pander to biased and heavy-handed stereotypes of conservatives. The actual funny thing is that given the opportunity to showcase both ends of the political spectrum, the animation could be made to favor conservatives over liberals just as easily. Do I think the piece is heavily pro-liberal? Oh yeah. But then it is an opinion piece, so trying to shut it down is counterproductive. Perhaps offering a counter piece or opinion to balance it out would have appeased your readers. A history of political arguments and character assassination abound in Washington; a treasure trove of materials to keep any writer with access to strong coffee and a computer happy for a while. I would read more of NPR’s content as long as it is of higher quality in reporting and variety of topics and I did not find it in Fiore’s post. In essence, the piece looked more like a work in progress, a draft perhaps and not a final product. Maybe Fiore’s style is about leaving something for the reader to think about with nothing else to go on.

I just know the piece served little purpose in expressing an intelligent opinion and offered the visual aid to drive the point without intellectual elaboration which is really boring. As for the angry reactions from readers even though Ms. Shepard stated that NPR indirectly receives federal funding through grants but most of its budget is based on corporate and private donations… Americans still consider your organization to be in much closer relation to them than they would with the privately-owned radio and television companies so those who read your content on your site do feel a direct stake on what is published I suppose.

This may be something you and your company should look into and maybe spend more time conducting peer review with your writers. If the piece itself goes against NPR’s core values as posted by Ms. Shepard then it merited more review before going online. NPR, with its vast range of programming sufficient to satisfy many a taste, really dropped the ball on this one. The cartoon serves hardly any purpose other than to project a group of people, which by the way, is growing exponentially, is all inclusive – go to a Tea Party rally sometime, folks come from all colors, races, creeds and political affiliation – and may very well become the political majority in this country. Given those odds, I’d say Fiore is sorely outnumbered and his work overrated. Thank you again for your professional response. Please feel free to post this on your site or forward to Ms. Shepard. I had some problems signing up to post my comment so I am sending it to you instead. I may read some stories on your site again.

Here is the stupid video. I welcome your opinions.

The Rise of Tyranny

Posted in freedom, government corruption, liberty, Opinion (Political), patriotism, tea party, tyranny on December 26, 2009 by AN Security

On this Christmas morning the evidence that a body of government has grown so far away from its original principles and taken our lives hostage is undeniable. The treachery takes place in our very presence in spite of the cries of the people in protest. Scores of citizens now understand what it means to make sacrifices as they stop work, care for family and leave behind other duties and pleasures to become one people once again and march onto Washington as one. We’ve marched onto the Capitol, held peaceful protests and voiced our complaints to their elected officials face to face; only for their plight to fall on deaf ears. But then that is not true. They are listening indeed, but feel justice is nothing more than an attempt to regain powers they usurped from us long ago. To them, our plight is nothing more than mob rule; we are nothing more than deranged subversives bent on trespassing on their property. Well, this property is ours. This could either be the longest winter of our lives or the beginning of a stronger America. You the patriot must choose the course of history for history has been re-written for us and it favors only Tyrannical rule.

Tyranny is a clever beast. It lies in wait for as long as necessary until it gets what it wants and only does it meet its objective with ease because of the inherent goodness of a people. Tyranny does not exist in a vacuum nor does it suddenly appear; it is cyclical, and it follows Liberty at every step throughout history and across generations. Look to your right to find many of us are for the Republic and freedom. Look to your neighbor two doors down to the left, he stands in the yard smiling, waiting, his eyes shining red and teeth glaring; enjoying victory over justice with great anticipation. This neighbor is the Progressive in his true form. To you this is a mirage; to him, it is his code; his quest to someday rule over you; to rob you of your freedom. These are the people who grow richer and stronger but do not want you to prosper and the same who insisted that the state was more qualified to tell you how to live than yourself. They are the ones who turned what once was a noble path to citizenship, turning public office as the expedient way of attaining power and wealth without accountability.

Tyranny thrives were complacency is the norm, often weaving itself into the fabric of society as small snags of cloth are torn and takes a place where no one dares challenge its presence. It has been instrumental in replacing virtue with debauchery, cloaked murder with the veil of freedom of choice, Godliness with spiritual emptiness and issued decrees to foreign lands; that our strength would one day wane and our armies soften. They’re the ones who twist and mold history from glorious into evil. Its Hessian soldiers cross our borders, quietly and settle down amongst us, waiting. They will someday benefit from this incursion as progressives portray them as entities worthy of illicit citizenship while vilifying our birthright and those who have fought bravely to earn it. These foreigners do not come in peace and do not assimilate; they come to take what we have and make it their own. Tyranny mocks the honor of battle and our military traditions and its heroes who sacrificed everything to praise the enemies of Liberty. We must change the way we think, the way we see things and people. If it is something disturbing and seems impossible, then we must assume that Tyranny is already working on exploitation. Conventional wisdom will not suffice. Vigilance is the only way to preserve our freedom.

Tyranny never rests and is disloyal to its followers and willing to sacrifice them as it can always recruit more to fight for its cause. It stands watch for that one opening in the cloth so that it can weave itself right in and start the process again. Well it’s here, manifested in its ugliest form for all to see. This is no surprise or mystery; this is all about our survival and this is a war and we must find a way to defeat our enemy. When one challenges a lie with the truth, Tyranny shouts it down, drowns and destroys it beyond repair to create confusion. Intellectual argumentations need not occur, as it either artfully twists your words to help itself win without substance or evidence or resorts to violent intimidation. Long ago many courageous people lost their lives, their wealth and their happiness so that we could be a free people today. Are we going to give up without a fight? Tyranny however, lacks courage; the one virtue of the true patriot who understands the difference between right and wrong. While it is so apt to seduce the senses while it, Tyranny crumbles in the presence of Justice and Honor.

There is a way to defeat it but it may be costly. Tyranny’s error is that it denies the hand of Providence as key to our being and that we are what we are by design. Now that you know what this threat means to all Americans great measures must be taken to preserve our way of life. At first sight it may appear that we are doomed to fail in our endeavor but we have Divine guidance if we seek it and apply it. At midnight on Christmas Eve history’s clock was reset. We’ve gone back in time to repeat history as we learned little the first time. This is our Republic. We must fight so that we can keep it. The rise of Tyranny could be the birth of Liberty. Some of those who are in power today may say that when history calls one must answer. I agree.

Are we ready?