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This crazy cavalcade of politics will get us killed

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This post has been updated on 28 May 2010 1100 AM (my time)

I’m not exactly a procrastinator but work sometimes makes writing even more challenging because material is bountiful as is inspiration yet other events can get in the way of progress. I promised a colleague – who is only about 30 miles away from me – to return her call recently; and I did; it took about 3 weeks to get to that so I’m not a slacker. This story goes back to February 2010 but even more relevant today and since I needed to warm up the old synapses here it goes.

Dinner was cooking slowly and sitting in my favorite chair with kitty on my lap I finally had enough time to watch Glenn Beck’s show live and without interruptions. I leaned back and put my feet up and tried to relax when I saw it.

He stole my idea!

Kitty looked up at me probably wondering when dinner would be served, totally unmoved by my remark. Glenn sat down then pulled up this old-time TV set and turned on the thing to show a familiar scene from one of my favorite movies The Music Man.

Beware of deception campaigns

This show was broadcast I believe the Monday following CPAC (February 2010), so I was in the process of winding down from a busy week of politics, speeches, books, freebies and other interesting events. The previous week I stayed home and did little which to me means nothing because I’m always doing something but I truly needed a break. I watched the second blizzard hit DC from home and laughed; this was a great vacation and a time to reflect on what is going on in this country and how we are handling ourselves. Glenn’s show made me wonder how much more is watched and emulated by people who happen to see information online. I write publicly but keep my name shortened for good reason. Glenn had some serious security at the conference as he took on the stage. I was privileged to have a front row seat for all three days, except when Ron Paul and Mitt Romney and even Scott Brown took the stage. I don’t like to sit for long periods of time without doing anything and this was no different. Still, attending the conference for the first time ever was a positive and at the same time disturbing crash-course in how politics really work and how the great battle for political ideology supremacy is being waged.

I’m not saying that it’s not possible for someone to think the same thing; that in the absence of a crisis or crises tyranny cannot take place. The clip was actually a very apt example of how tyrants create a great need out of nothing then step in to save the day. This is a scary and uncertain set of circumstances we are faced with today and as we  share information on the internet (perhaps the last bastion of intellectual and political freedom) there really must be room for thought. If I can think it then someone else can…information is free floating and no matter how we try to delete stuff it’s still out there. With all the constant bombardment of information and disinformation out there don’t you ever wonder if people who inspire us into embracing the 1775 mentality are the enemy? What if Glenn or Hannity or God-forbid, Rush Limbaugh are really working on getting conservatives to fall for the great leftist lie? The amount of information being hurled at us from the state-run media to the government’s information filters may be coming from anywhere and meant to confuse. Many Americans fell for this scheme already.

After all, we have young and eloquent senators running for president who inspire all (okay, many of us subversives right-wingers didn’t buy that) into believing that there was a crisis and that he was the right man to solve it. Well, the deception runs deep here. This character who goes by many names is not only inept in his handling of simple domestic matters but has the ability to grow crises exponentially (uh, he creates trouble then blames some invisible/imaginary foe, just like the Music Man) but also unable or unwilling to handle many issues at once. This is a single-issue only president as his WH mouthpiece PR people have said; Barry is not exactly a multi-tasker; his mentality has been focused on the health scare debacle while neglecting to look after all of our problems. That is called incompetence so it’s obvious that Barry O was chosen for the job just for looks, just for faked eloquence (no substance) and some cheap version of Camelot that frankly smacks of Gorby and Raisa’s (RIP) Soviet Union. This is going to be the decade of revolution. Even those people in high political circles who would be prime supporters of the current administration are getting a little uneasy themselves. I bet it’s getting hot in that kitchen.

 One of the most fascinating and shocking speeches I’ve heard in a long time was at the CPAC Presidential Banquet. Roy Innis National Chairman of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) was the recipient of the John M. Ashbrook Award that evening. He said one of the most shocking and scary statements about Barack Obama:

“Barack Obama is one of the most dangerous people to have moved into the White House.”

The audience sent out a muffled gasp, even my jaw dropped. I’d have to give the gentleman credit for expressing such an impactful thought because it is true; even if those who would have wanted Obama to succeed – and frankly, being first president of ‘color’ would have been the crowning glory of the civil rights movement – had he not been a marxist (Bill Gates, please don’t make MS Word capitalize it). But Innis was right; Mr. Obama is dangerous in that his policies are driving this country rapidly into economic ruin and vulnerable to our enemies. It’s amazing how a concept so simple can be twisted in the political gas turbines in DC and how many people on the liberal end of the spectrum feel that inaction (the grabbing of ankles and waiting for the enemy to attack) is the best policy. Nice swan song…on our way to the slaughterhouse.

How dangerous is our situation? Well even amongst so-called conservative circles the consensus is that domestic politics take precedence over foreign policy. Political and economic upheaval CPAC offered two lectures on national security, actually, only one event was sponsored by the conference; it was entitled ‘You’ve Been Lied To: Why Real Conservatives are Against the War on Terror.’  Actually, the difference between these two lectures is that only the lefty-infiltrators were officially invited as part of CPAC while the real national security lecture was featured as a separate ‘vendor/event’ read their sites and watch these videos for both sides and tell me if we follow this mentality we’re not going to be royally screwed. I’m telling you know, I’m not going to spend my life face down on the ground covered by a bed sheet. I’ve been in the mid east too long not to appreciate what we have in the United States. Just so you know this is very important and not some flavor of the month topic!

Okay, enough ranting.  What about this lecture? Look at both sides:

The leading expert in this lecture was retired AF lefty mid east expert Karen Kwiatkowski whom Ron Paul fans probably would like to see run for president because of her views. I’m sure we don’t need more socialist  whackos in the White House. One can tell by the title that their approach is anti-war but then who’s pro-war really? It is a fallacy for the left and uber libertarians to think that war in general as a cure-all is acceptable are simply spreading the wrong message. That’s okay though; even if their approach to national security is driven by other dynamics and both sides may have common points worthy of exploration.  I just wanted to figure out how they think they are conservative in their view of national security.  Watch the clips and decide for yourself but if you have some insight into what is happening every day you’ll be just as aghast at the ignorant,

For that matter, even the right may have the wrong approach to the problems we’re facing in security with the exception of one: identifying our enemy, so I’m always willing to see both sides of the coin but this group really did not offer anything more than end the war to be glib. The topic of national security was only addressed briefly by this group however another lecture was quietly forming up in a smaller ballroom of the hotel which attracted quite a crowd. Actually, the event hosted by Freedom Defense Initiative (FDI) as advertised on Pamela Geller’s popular blog Atlas Shrugs focused more on confronting what the left secretly fears: islamic extremism is a creeping threat to our way of life. Oh, and they also want to kill us infidels, just a reminder in case you’ve forgotten.

The FDI’s “Jihad The Political Third Rail: What they aren’t telling you” lecture was well-planned and the learning objective was to illustrate how those who use islam to justify their deeds involves more than using a radicalized interpretation of the Koran but rather effect domination of other cultures through abrogation. This is the guy who was fired by the Pentagon for providing too accurate and insightful threat assessment to the military. Pressure from islamic moles inside DoD made sure to get him ejected from government work. The event is fully documented online and I believe a DVD is available

There was a visible security presence at the site of the presentation at the door, as attendees were asked politely to show some form of ID. Why all the security? Well, the panelists are all enemies of Islamic extremism so naturally they need bodyguards. It’s interesting how those who oppose this scourge are constantly threatened (look at what is happening with Geert Wilders). Some are literally on the run from state-sponsored Islamic hatred and intolerance (They’ve got something going on we need to pay attention to and act; that’s all I’m saying.

 I got in early to get a seat up front on and had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Geller as well as Robert Spencer (Jihad Watch). Geller was very gracious to take a few minutes to talk to me before beginning what would be a very disturbing but informative presentation on  radical islam and how it is destroying our way of life. Considering the amount of hate dished out at this lady on her site and everywhere she goes, I had to ask her why?

“I have four children, I don’t have a choice!”

It’s a different perspective in life when a person’s safety and happiness are threatened merely because of their religious or political beliefs. The lecture featured people whose lives at are risk or who speak against conventional wisdom currently dictating national security. The two lectures couldn’t have been more distant in their objective which was interesting as one touted the benefits of vigilance while the other supported and completely difference view of national security. The Freedom Defense Initiative lecture, which included former Pentagon analyst Steven Coughlin (he knew too much and got canned for writing against islamist infiltrators working for the DOD) his presentation shows so much information about the dangers of islamic extremism I would be writing for days but check the video, you’ll see what I’m talking about.  Let me poke your brain for a moment, humor me. If you go by what Coughlin says how many ‘revisions’ through abrogation has the Koran undergone compared to the Bible?

Presentations by Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff – currently fighting being charged with ‘hate speech’ for speaking out publicly against muslim encroachment in her native Austria and Wafa Sultan’s insightful views on how to defeat the psychology of islam as well as  Simon Deng former slave who speaks of the horrors of Islamic atrocities in Africa (in the name of peace, of course). Just get the DVD.  Dashing US Army Retired Lieutenant Colonel Allen West – who is running for Florida’s congressional seat (22nd District) gave an aggressive speech on our current national security posture that brought the house down (I don’t use these pop culture terms often).  But even West knows that national security must involve a lot more than just bringing down one culprit. One of the main points of his speech was that the US does not and will not clearly identify its enemy. This is crucial in gaining a tactical advantage over our enemies. This is a great speech. Again, I am not one for groupie mentality and I don’t vote in Florida but West brought up sobering points as a combat veteran to the discussion. The lecture is recorded in its entirety on a DVD available now, and no, I’m not selling it or getting a kick-back. The link was online initially but of course, fighting the good fight costs money. It’s well worth it. I’ll tell you just how polular the ‘truth’ about national security is; standing room only crowd. I even spotted a fine young conservative blogger and Twitter/Facebook personality Wayne Bradley who sat in the row behind me.  I know the event had a bigger crowd than the proggie-gone-conservatives downstairs.

Jihad teaser DVD link

One special mention to Mr. Jesse Prieto, and I’m sorry to say I was so into this event I forgot to take his picture . The name may not be familiar at first but if you look up the story you’ll see this fine gentleman and former Marine lost his son – one of the USS Cole 17 – to islamic extremism. I didn’t make the connection at the time and told him so recently and he just brushed it off; he didn’t think mentioning the Camp LeJeune bumper sticker caper was important. Just as he had driven from NC into DC to attend the lecture and talk to Ms. Geller and Mr. Spencer, Jesse headed back to his home a long drive on icy roads after two major winter storms.  Jesse told me his son had been killed on the Cole and all I could do was give him a hug. The only open seat in the entire room was next to mine and I asked him to join me. What a great guy. He handed me a commemorative coin. I hold this coin as one of my most cherished and I’m glad I met him.   It’s even more impactful to meet someone who has been affected by this war to make the fight even more urgent. He’s on the lookout and very aware of what is going on. He can tell you first hand. Do we need to wait until we’ve lost a loved one to start relating? Apparently the violent deaths of 3,000 Americans in one day had a short-term effect. This is going the longest winter of our lives and it’s not summer yet. Prepare for it now.

Revolutions are no fun but this is our destiny, deal with it because it’s here, it’s happening right now. We need to wake up. The main point I’m trying to make is which lie are we all going to believe from the media, the left the right and the buffoons in between who don’t have a political identity yet? I’m asking because no one really has full ownership of ideas so the ones with the most clever slogans can hook you and drag you out of the water and not even know it. If it sounds too good or too bad, challenge it. Even if the news comes from ‘trusted’ sources, beware; awareness is most important in determining which way we will go as a nation. You’ll see what I’m talking about next post.

Oh and Glenn, next time you need ideas, call me.


Don’t ask don’t tell that I have no clue: Jim Moran’s response to my letter

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No, this is not really one of those April fool’s Day jokes. Representative Jim Moran (D-VA) did send me an email today. Perhaps it is a joke but I wasn’t laughing. There is something about picking inconsistencies in people’s writing that always appeals to me and he did not disappoint. And yes, I did send Jim Moran a letter dated January 25 2010 that has gone unanswered until today, however just as I was about to give him a little credit (I was hoping for one of those go to hell letters) I got something completely different. My letter which I published in its entirety on this site entitled We are not the Taliban: A letter to Jim Moran, addressed in painful detail (to him maybe, I like my epic letters) why I am strongly against his support of bringing Riduan Isamuddin, (aka Hambali, the Bali Bomber) for trial in my home of residence of Alexandria, Virginia. I was clearly upset and wanted him to know I would not support trials for any enemy combatant on US soil. No answer. The story died as quickly as it surfaced in the media.

Until today.

Let me know if you can find a problem with this response and don’t be shy to post comments. I will be addressing his email shortly.

Dear Ms Leclerc,

Thank you for writing me concerning the repeal of the U.S. military’s discriminatory “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT) policy (WTF?? I didn’t write you about the gay ban!).

I am a cosponsor of the “Military Readiness Enhancement Act” (H.R. 1283), and an advocate for replacing DADT with a policy of non-discrimination (You’d co-sponsor condoms for crickets if it were feasible). If enacted, this legislation would prevent a person’s sexual orientation from being used to prevent his or her service in our country’s armed forces. As you know, President Obama called for a repeal of this policy in his State of the Union address and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Admiral Mike Mullen expressed their support for repeal in recent testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Those who continue to support DADT argue that allowing openly gay and lesbian soldiers to serve next to straight soldiers would hurt unit cohesion. Recent studies by the Armed Forces and the experiences of other nations do not support this assertion. A report published in Joint Forces Quarterly late last year concluded that “there is no scientific evidence to support the claim that unit cohesion will be negatively affected if homosexuals serve openly.” A recent study by the Palm Center (Sure, why should anyone accept the conclusions of a left-biased organization. There must be other orgs capable of doing this research or have already done so but you’re not presenting that counterargument, right?) examined the experience of other countries that have repealed bans on gays and lesbians serving openly in the military. (If Canada or the UK says jump you jump, right? Why would I care about what other countries are doing?) It found that none of the 25 nations that currently allow open service (including Canada, Great Britain, Israel, and Australia) experienced any negative impact on morale, recruitment, retention, readiness or overall combat effectiveness despite predictions of major disruptions prior to enactment.

The military spends, on average, between $22,000 and $43,000 to replace each person discharged under DADT. In 2006, the Blue Ribbon Commission(More looney left people. Smacks of the Star Chamber) from the University of California at Santa Barbara – which included former Department of Defense Secretary William Perry and other defense experts – estimated that the first decade of the policy cost the military $364 million. By now, those costs have likely reached at least a half billion dollars. DADT is a fiscal money pit. (Hey, how about you tell me how much it’s cost us to replace military personnel with life-long experience who were forced to retire since the 1990s at the end of the Gulf War? Before many were brought back from retirement, even medical retirement as trainers because most of our pool of knowledge had been dried! Look at the costs of adjusting their retirement pensions/retainer pay. Doesn’t that cost a lot?)

To date, DADT has resulted in the discharge of nearly 14,000 gay and lesbian soldiers, including engineers, linguists and other critical occupations. Each of these soldiers agreed to make the same sacrifices asked of any soldier, in turn wanting nothing more than to serve their nation honorably and honestly. Unfortunately, the current DADT policy makes this impossible. I believe our nation’s security will be best protected when all service members are allowed to serve without fear that their sexual orientation could become known and result in their discharge.

Late last year, I sent a letter signed by 95 of my House colleagues to Defense Secretary Gates requesting monthly updates on the number of service members discharged because of DADT. Through these routine disclosures, Congress and the American public would have consistent reminders of the careers ended and harm done to our national security because of DADT (And I thought harm done to our national security came from ignoring Afghanistan for a year – and McChrystal, badmouthing Bush – who’s been gone a while, dissing Israel when it needs us the most while sucking up to the Persians and shutting down the F-22 jet production and paring down the Navy’s fleet, silly me. Let me stop now before my eye twitches until I have a stroke). The Department of Defense finally released the 2009 discharge numbers on February 1st, revealing that 428 additional soldiers were fired because of their sexual orientation. I will continue to push for monthly disclosures going forward (How about you disclose other matters regarding funding for projects nobody needs within District 8?).

On March 3rd, I held a press conference to call attention to the soldiers (You won’t even visit units returning from deployment, but you meet with some gay ex-service members, what’s the difference right?) who are directly impacted by this antiquated policy (Do I have to tell you who came up with this antiquated policy?). I was joined by three homosexual service members, two of whom were discharge under DADT and one who, throughout her decorated 30 year service, maintained a lingering fear that at any time she could be outed, ending her career. Unfortunately, often times lost among the statistics, the testimony of our military leaders, and the debate over the political implications of repeal, are the soldiers themselves – (Their service is really not the issue, it is sacrificing the integrity of the services to push social change that’s not needed. They already serve!) those who want nothing more than to serve their nation honorably and honestly. It is for those individuals that DADT is not just a discriminatory policy with a silly name, but a constant threat with severe consequences.

While I commend Secretary Gates, Admiral Mullen (Drones!), and the U.S. military for initiating a review of how to best implement a repeal of DADT and for the issuance of revised guidelines that tighten investigations and discharges under DADT, these developments should not stymie repeal itself. The DoD review will not provide any relevant information to help determine whether DADT should be repealed; for that purpose numerous studies (show me the independent studies, name them!) already exist, each one pointing in the direction of repeal. With the facts and the American public on our side, now is the time for Congress to finally honor the sacrifice of all of our service members by repealing DADT. Rest assured I will do all I can to support this effort.

Thank you again for contacting me about this important issue (Again, I’ve never written you about this. Do I have it correctly and whoever reads your mail can’t figure out what to send out?).

James P. Moran

P.S. I invite you to visit my website at that contains information on many topics of interest and allows you to sign up for the Moran e-News.


Oh yes indeed, I will visit…let me roll up my sleeves. I can play this game all day.

Propaganda and Culture Wars: The Educational System

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After a long stressful month I come back to work and within 48 hours I have the flu. That figures. Anyway I’ve been giving this stuff some thought for a while and I’m just catching on to a lot of the influence that schools have on children. I went through some of my mom’s things recently and I found this lapel pin. I think I saw it before and the thing actually made me chuckle because it was given to my mom as a little girl for graduating from kindergarten. Big deal, I thought. I put it back into her box of wonders where she kept things from a past we’re not going to see again. The pin got me to thinking though that at one time even at the lowest level a child received recognition for accomplishing something, say, worked hard at learning the alphabet, penmanship and could recite the pledge of allegiance. Mom kept certificates from first grade and such in an old folder and recalled how school was actually about learning basic skills. I can’t do math. I am a wonder of the public school system some 50 years later and I can’t do math without breaking into a sweat. So I have a math phobia. But my folks could do math right off the top of their heads and spoke with seriousness even in their later years about how their teachers expected them to learn the materials provided and be good at it.

So the pin, considering the state of affairs in this country and the decline in our education system I’d say makes more sense now. Hard work merited rewards. Math is very useful and so is English and government classes but instead I hear more and more about courses that introduce children to matters not appropriate to their psychological development and less useful once they enter the workforce. People were happy and proud to earn a high school diploma but so much has changed since my parent’s time. I also noticed the pin bears a cross which is something amazing because by the time my generation entered the school system God too was rendered inappropriate. I got into trouble for reading a prayer sheet my mom gave me which I had slipped inside a book and was reading it before class. The teacher came into the room, zeroed in on me, grabbed the book and found the terrible contraband inside. Mind you, this was one of the teachers who complained of not making enough money and was frequently going to strikes while leaving us kids in the classroom to rot in stupidity.

Tea and cake for 1,000 to go please

I couldn’t understand where her anger came from back then but I do now. I’m not saying all teachers are like that, but let’s face it; the system has been infiltrated by subversives for so many generations that it’s hard to tell if you’re in safe company. Even in my college years while I went to night school while in the service I had to tackle professors with ideas so radical I had to wage academic war on them. I won. One guy looked like some beatnik type and I wonder how he was allowed on the base to teach, but he had this thing for teaching strange history. You know, stuff that isn’t exactly right. He said during one of his lectures that the attack on the Bastille was not an attack; it was a peaceful takeover of a prison. I looked around and everyone else but me and at the time my husband were shaking their heads in agreement. Uh, no, the Bastille was rushed by citizens who previously organized and broke into a large mob that broke into the Invalides prison and stole scores of weapons but had no ammo. So, the word got out quickly that the Bastille prison had tons of ammo. Two plus two I can count that much. The mob headed to the Bastille and launched the French Revolution and I’m putting this into simple terms because the introduction of bad science and bad history into the classrooms is pervasive and a danger to our way of life. So no, the rush on the Bastille was not some we are the world thingy. We had heard enough of that guy, his long curly hair flopping over his shoulders as he went too far when he started explaining how Hitler was misunderstood and that Nazism was more about a movement based on the occult, like Satanism or whatnot; basically gibberish.

We went home and searched our library. Hubby went for some standard history of the world stuff while I went for the cannon shells, because I don’t do anything in a small scale. Armed with our books, we dropped them loudly onto the front row table and took a seat. Professor paced back and forth and from time to time he would glance at our books, mine more than hubby’s for some reason. After about an hour professor stopped in front of me while talking (I tuned him out, I had good grades anyway) and picked up one book; Simon Schama’s Citizens, A chronicle of the French Revolution. He mentioned with surprised that was one of the hardest books to read. I just smiled. I liked the book. I could read you know, it wasn’t hard for me. It didn’t take long before we both engaged the man in academic combat, leaving him frustrated. He called a break and asked us both to step aside. He was direct. We were being disruptive. Hubby smiled and got in his face. We’re just debating you, that is what we’re supposed to do in class, right?

Well, no, he said. He preferred that students stuck to his lesson plan. But we complained that his lesson plan contained no truth at all, no factual information that could be verified in our books. Maybe in his world history was recorded differently. So after going back and forth the terms for a truce were put out to us: if you stop bringing these books to class and getting into arguments, I will give you both an A.

We kept on for a while until it was obvious that he knew at least two people in his class were not drones and that scared him. That meant he lost control of his class and could not deliver his message. The semester was about half-way over so we backed off but we were both A students anyway. The pressure was on and I understood then that the professor belonged to the same bunch who espouses the vilification of children who pray in school like their lives are in danger. I’m not turned easily. I ask questions and I check sources and so should you. What are your kids learning in school? Is what they are learning in concert with your values? Careful in asking around; dissent is considered disruption. We’re not supposed to learn in school what my folks and your folks learned in school. So what is it? There can’t be anything like spirituality or friendly discussion of topics unless you follow a certain agenda.

Like the people who rushed the Bastille on that morning of July 14, Americans will have to arm themselves with the truth and fight the same kind of tyranny they fought against then. Don’t show up for a battle without your ammo. I don’t take anyone’s word at face value, believe me. I like to have the option of checking before I agree. We should all do that.

That’s where propaganda comes in. You can’t sell trash to the masses unless you dress it up. But that’s for my next installment. Wish me a quick recovery from the flu. Good night.

The Charmer in Chief

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“Power is not a means, it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power.”  George Orwell

No, I don’t think that Barack Obama is a charming guy, not by a long shot. 


For that matter, I don’t see how people think he’s got rock star charisma either. However he’s more like one of those snake charmers from Appalachia; though he says his belief in the snake of oblivion is justified through scripture, handling is still a dangerous endeavor. In his case, his message is perhaps much more dangerous because they are so deeply imbedded in his psyche that he’ll do anything to advance his agenda. His personal brand at first portrayed as a new grassroots, clean and refreshing breath of air to the usual Washington insider’s shenanigans. Now even people who voted for him (yes, the ones who thought that ‘change’ would take care of right-wingers and not affect them) are puzzled to see that nothing he’s promised has been fulfilled. Well, actually, the guy is quite truthful; he’s been saying what he wanted to do all along, it’s just that folks simply hear what they want to hear but don’t analyze the content and relevance of his speeches which brings me to the point of propaganda and marketing approaches of the Democrat party.

                Beliefs can often be so strong as to make a reasonable person act strangely but some people actually believe in what they say or do and want you to be of the same persuasion. Perhaps the snake analogy doesn’t get through m ost people, so let me change it to mass hysteria, hypnosis, how’s that? One thing is to take scripture at face value and another is to let someone else interpret it for you. But tell me, why are Obama supporters going to rallies, are being more vocal about his policies and frankly act like someone lied to them? Maybe they are just as mesmerized (Franz Mesmer was a professional pervert by the way) by his message as the rest of us were terrified by his apocalyptic persona. Still, we fail to see the big picture. So let’s take a look at the sum of the parts rather than the whole because it’s obvious that we’ve been duped but this could have been prevented. Unfortunately, allowing a guy like Obama to serve as leader of the free world may be something that cannot be reversed even after he leaves office.

 There are many changes in the way we live our lives in America and for the most part the groundwork for these changes had been set over many generations until now, a time in the age of information, where everything is being recorded, stored and sent across the world in seconds and where the line between legitimate information and propaganda is blurred; masking the truth with the advent of a new era or world order and that new world order comes under a false premise. But how does a charmer make his way into power without being discovered? That depends on branding. While one man’s brand promises change nobody really needs, another wages an open revolution, crams it down the throats of his people, and then complains that others are simply scheming against him.

I can see the Obama phenomenon as the Russian royal family and their sidekick Rasputin which is aptly filled in by the likes of Oprah (the “Oracle”) who dishes out chic advice to the glamorous couple and tags along like a cabinet member. But other than that, of course, the connection with Hollywood buffoons and hangers on to join his cool posse really should make us curious because we’ve been eating this jacked up soup of worldly temptations for many generations and now we’ve reached the bottom of the terrine. So what’s next, dessert?  I’m getting a sour stomach actually and that post-party taste in the mouth ain’t pretty either.

In the case of Obama, this revolution was designed to be more covert, systematic but silent. After a while, speeches and cool sound bites run out of their own efficacy giving way to public awareness leading to brief pauses which could either swing things in the opposite direction if not handled promptly. We can’t let you all think for yourselves, you understand right? Like the snake charmer, the charmer needs the snake since without it there is no show or racket.  Surely the snake charmer can’t have an effect based on his personality. Obama can’t possibly work his magic alone  so behind him there must be a force large enough to sustain the attack on American values, our Constitution and civil liberties. The force must also be large and strong enough to see and counteract every defensive move we make.

Hollywood, NEA and how movies and pop culture can point you to the coming age

The news were really news a hundred years ago as forms of communication were limited to the technology of the time though with the advent of higher technology humanity went from smoke signals to the telegraph to the telephone and the party line to the world wide web. The amount of information out in the net is so overwhelming is the perfect environment because when there is much to sort through we will either persevere or give up searching for the truth. For a guy with no experience who has a big talent for gab aided by technology (teleprompter industry sure has experienced a boon, huh? Who said Obama hasn’t created jobs?)

Let me see. Right off the top of my head, health care reform, economic stimulus package, right of life debate, gun control, food labeling laws, cancer screenings, the H1N1 virus scare, reproductive rights, the list goes on.        I will be examining some of my favorite films and would like to see how the socialist message has been transmitted to the rest of us. I know it’s there. I’ve heard that disgusting whisper in my ear for most of my life; I just always hoped the message was just an attempt to take over our way of life and not an actual movement in progress. The enemy works in plain sight and all we do is sit and wait for John Wayne to save the day. Well, I’ve got news for you. John Wayne is gone and metro-sexual men are the flavor of the decade (yuck) and they’re not keen on saving anything but themselves.

There is nothing more unpleasant than to walk into a room and discover a thief robbing you. What do you do? Did you close the doors, windows; did you turn off the stove? They’re here and all we can do is prepare for battle, plain and simple. This blog is just about taking apart some of the pieces of the big lie to show you it’s been there all along. I know where it’s going to take me and don’t like it but I’d rather have truth than darkness, don’t you?