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A little bedtime story

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It was a clear day out to sea that winter with most of the crew on deck enjoying the sun when we spotted the lone aircraft in the distance. As our convoy moved slowly across the Sea of Japan on what was my first deployment (Westpac for those of you in the know) we all soon realized the aircraft following was Soviet. The pilot began circling then flying low and showing off. There was no official engagement as it was a taunting game except for the crew. The plane turned and headed back toward our ship continuing his game. Laughter filled the air as sailors young and old looked up at the sky and responded in kind. Fists clenched and a multitude of ‘birds’ went up in the air. The rules of engagement were being tested on both sides; the taunting went on, we enjoyed it.

The pilot kept at it for a while before heading out, having made his statement. It was the Cold War and we knew our enemy. How the Soviets played the ‘I can get you now if I wanted to’ game was part of their deception machine. They lied to the world by orchestrating clashes between nations; they lied to their people when Afghanistan quickly went bad on them…

I was 20 years old and Ronald Reagan was president. We had a strong Navy. It was the stuff that made us stand and place a hand over our hearts and smile. We were Americans and we stood for all that was good and honorable. I was sure the other side felt the same about themselves but there were other players involved that most of us in my generation brushed away until they made their presence known.

Before joining the Fleet, the bombing of the Marine barracks brought a sense of awareness we did not have before. Stationed at Camp LeJeune as a young corpsman the desire was to deploy and see cruel reality of what islamic extremism could bring to America someday but that was not to be yet. One Marine named John ended up under my care. He had been asleep when during the attack and medevaced for his injuries. Some of the other corpsman had trouble doing dressing changes on the guy, a soft-spoken admin type with wire-brimmed glasses; he looked more like a college student than a Marine. He was well-adjusted to his injury and I was about the only one on the floor who could stomach taking care of him.

John’s left elbow had been blown out; leaving just enough connective tissue to make it look like his upper arm was still attached to the lower end. He would heal after many surgeries. That was a sobering realization that the world wasn’t all about MTV and that a destructive force was upon us. John took his situation with great courage and was prepared to move on and work for what he wanted. He often talked about college and becoming an officer. He had purpose and his injuries did not seem to cloud his vision of the future. A most admirable attitude.

Ronald Reagan gave his magnificent speech showed the world that when we stand our ground and remain resolute good prevails. The world both admired and feared such strength and frankly many never thought we’d see a time when such inner strength would be considered a liability rather than an asset. Korea still looked like a war zone during our visit with buildings protected with sand bags and razor wire and reality began to take shape. The hope was to see all these struggles go away; the method a most elusive endeavor. Life moved on, we all aged and put that memory behind us.

Closing my eyes time passed and the world is close to being on fire. September 11th marked the end of that grace period. We had plenty of time to observe what been going on in the world, how we grew away from principled leadership and governance and embraced the politics of inaction. National pride was tested but time has a way to make the pain diminish and before long many believed life returned to normal. The quiet times are the most dangerous. Many of us volunteered to serve again in uniform could not and do so in other ways. This is our time and everyone fights. Many came back from the comfort of their retirements to wear a uniform to teach to guide and pass on the knowledge lost during subsequent draw-downs. Waking up to this has been disturbing.

We have people in power who say that restraint is a personal quality in our military. Courage cannot the legislated or manufactured; it comes precisely from within a person’s soul and the decision to make a sacrifice belongs to that person. Offering to reward inaction or ‘restraint’ is designed to dishonor those who willingly serve to protect others and to demoralize them so that a hostile foe can thrive. I know that Reagan and Bush Sr. missed one Memorial Day celebration once each and that is not the purpose of my musings but rather an observation that we’ve gone from being those emulated and turned into the people everyone wants to avoid. For a president to purposely skip this day to get some rest like it’s just some ordinary weekend is a symptom of what had been born twenty or thirty years ago and this is its culmination.

The object is clear; to strip us of our pride and make us more ‘equal’ in accordance with global social justice. Our defenses are being lowered to please those hostile states we defeated time after time in the past. Our leadership treads the dangerous waters of appeasement and conduct business behind closed doors as to not raise questions. This isn’t new. What we have enjoyed in this country is still the envy of the world. Many fought and died, lost their wealth, damaged their reputation to forge this wonderful life for us to enjoy. The time has come for all to roll up our sleeves and make our contribution. What that is I can’t tell you or when you will be tasked but be ready. As many others jumped in to do the right thing, to fight for everyone’s future so will you. Though much of our history is being erased and re-written many of us carry that pride and love of country with us. I assure you that is one book that will never be burned; ever. When you’re done eating that barbecued meal look around and get ready. It’s time for hard work. To me it doesn’t matter where I wake; though some days I wish the Gipper would be around to handle things, but we’ll have to find some way to regain that sense of security once more. It’s about answering the call to duty.

God bless America.


This crazy cavalcade of politics will get us killed

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This post has been updated on 28 May 2010 1100 AM (my time)

I’m not exactly a procrastinator but work sometimes makes writing even more challenging because material is bountiful as is inspiration yet other events can get in the way of progress. I promised a colleague – who is only about 30 miles away from me – to return her call recently; and I did; it took about 3 weeks to get to that so I’m not a slacker. This story goes back to February 2010 but even more relevant today and since I needed to warm up the old synapses here it goes.

Dinner was cooking slowly and sitting in my favorite chair with kitty on my lap I finally had enough time to watch Glenn Beck’s show live and without interruptions. I leaned back and put my feet up and tried to relax when I saw it.

He stole my idea!

Kitty looked up at me probably wondering when dinner would be served, totally unmoved by my remark. Glenn sat down then pulled up this old-time TV set and turned on the thing to show a familiar scene from one of my favorite movies The Music Man.

Beware of deception campaigns

This show was broadcast I believe the Monday following CPAC (February 2010), so I was in the process of winding down from a busy week of politics, speeches, books, freebies and other interesting events. The previous week I stayed home and did little which to me means nothing because I’m always doing something but I truly needed a break. I watched the second blizzard hit DC from home and laughed; this was a great vacation and a time to reflect on what is going on in this country and how we are handling ourselves. Glenn’s show made me wonder how much more is watched and emulated by people who happen to see information online. I write publicly but keep my name shortened for good reason. Glenn had some serious security at the conference as he took on the stage. I was privileged to have a front row seat for all three days, except when Ron Paul and Mitt Romney and even Scott Brown took the stage. I don’t like to sit for long periods of time without doing anything and this was no different. Still, attending the conference for the first time ever was a positive and at the same time disturbing crash-course in how politics really work and how the great battle for political ideology supremacy is being waged.

I’m not saying that it’s not possible for someone to think the same thing; that in the absence of a crisis or crises tyranny cannot take place. The clip was actually a very apt example of how tyrants create a great need out of nothing then step in to save the day. This is a scary and uncertain set of circumstances we are faced with today and as we  share information on the internet (perhaps the last bastion of intellectual and political freedom) there really must be room for thought. If I can think it then someone else can…information is free floating and no matter how we try to delete stuff it’s still out there. With all the constant bombardment of information and disinformation out there don’t you ever wonder if people who inspire us into embracing the 1775 mentality are the enemy? What if Glenn or Hannity or God-forbid, Rush Limbaugh are really working on getting conservatives to fall for the great leftist lie? The amount of information being hurled at us from the state-run media to the government’s information filters may be coming from anywhere and meant to confuse. Many Americans fell for this scheme already.

After all, we have young and eloquent senators running for president who inspire all (okay, many of us subversives right-wingers didn’t buy that) into believing that there was a crisis and that he was the right man to solve it. Well, the deception runs deep here. This character who goes by many names is not only inept in his handling of simple domestic matters but has the ability to grow crises exponentially (uh, he creates trouble then blames some invisible/imaginary foe, just like the Music Man) but also unable or unwilling to handle many issues at once. This is a single-issue only president as his WH mouthpiece PR people have said; Barry is not exactly a multi-tasker; his mentality has been focused on the health scare debacle while neglecting to look after all of our problems. That is called incompetence so it’s obvious that Barry O was chosen for the job just for looks, just for faked eloquence (no substance) and some cheap version of Camelot that frankly smacks of Gorby and Raisa’s (RIP) Soviet Union. This is going to be the decade of revolution. Even those people in high political circles who would be prime supporters of the current administration are getting a little uneasy themselves. I bet it’s getting hot in that kitchen.

 One of the most fascinating and shocking speeches I’ve heard in a long time was at the CPAC Presidential Banquet. Roy Innis National Chairman of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) was the recipient of the John M. Ashbrook Award that evening. He said one of the most shocking and scary statements about Barack Obama:

“Barack Obama is one of the most dangerous people to have moved into the White House.”

The audience sent out a muffled gasp, even my jaw dropped. I’d have to give the gentleman credit for expressing such an impactful thought because it is true; even if those who would have wanted Obama to succeed – and frankly, being first president of ‘color’ would have been the crowning glory of the civil rights movement – had he not been a marxist (Bill Gates, please don’t make MS Word capitalize it). But Innis was right; Mr. Obama is dangerous in that his policies are driving this country rapidly into economic ruin and vulnerable to our enemies. It’s amazing how a concept so simple can be twisted in the political gas turbines in DC and how many people on the liberal end of the spectrum feel that inaction (the grabbing of ankles and waiting for the enemy to attack) is the best policy. Nice swan song…on our way to the slaughterhouse.

How dangerous is our situation? Well even amongst so-called conservative circles the consensus is that domestic politics take precedence over foreign policy. Political and economic upheaval CPAC offered two lectures on national security, actually, only one event was sponsored by the conference; it was entitled ‘You’ve Been Lied To: Why Real Conservatives are Against the War on Terror.’  Actually, the difference between these two lectures is that only the lefty-infiltrators were officially invited as part of CPAC while the real national security lecture was featured as a separate ‘vendor/event’ read their sites and watch these videos for both sides and tell me if we follow this mentality we’re not going to be royally screwed. I’m telling you know, I’m not going to spend my life face down on the ground covered by a bed sheet. I’ve been in the mid east too long not to appreciate what we have in the United States. Just so you know this is very important and not some flavor of the month topic!

Okay, enough ranting.  What about this lecture? Look at both sides:

The leading expert in this lecture was retired AF lefty mid east expert Karen Kwiatkowski whom Ron Paul fans probably would like to see run for president because of her views. I’m sure we don’t need more socialist  whackos in the White House. One can tell by the title that their approach is anti-war but then who’s pro-war really? It is a fallacy for the left and uber libertarians to think that war in general as a cure-all is acceptable are simply spreading the wrong message. That’s okay though; even if their approach to national security is driven by other dynamics and both sides may have common points worthy of exploration.  I just wanted to figure out how they think they are conservative in their view of national security.  Watch the clips and decide for yourself but if you have some insight into what is happening every day you’ll be just as aghast at the ignorant,

For that matter, even the right may have the wrong approach to the problems we’re facing in security with the exception of one: identifying our enemy, so I’m always willing to see both sides of the coin but this group really did not offer anything more than end the war to be glib. The topic of national security was only addressed briefly by this group however another lecture was quietly forming up in a smaller ballroom of the hotel which attracted quite a crowd. Actually, the event hosted by Freedom Defense Initiative (FDI) as advertised on Pamela Geller’s popular blog Atlas Shrugs focused more on confronting what the left secretly fears: islamic extremism is a creeping threat to our way of life. Oh, and they also want to kill us infidels, just a reminder in case you’ve forgotten.

The FDI’s “Jihad The Political Third Rail: What they aren’t telling you” lecture was well-planned and the learning objective was to illustrate how those who use islam to justify their deeds involves more than using a radicalized interpretation of the Koran but rather effect domination of other cultures through abrogation. This is the guy who was fired by the Pentagon for providing too accurate and insightful threat assessment to the military. Pressure from islamic moles inside DoD made sure to get him ejected from government work. The event is fully documented online and I believe a DVD is available

There was a visible security presence at the site of the presentation at the door, as attendees were asked politely to show some form of ID. Why all the security? Well, the panelists are all enemies of Islamic extremism so naturally they need bodyguards. It’s interesting how those who oppose this scourge are constantly threatened (look at what is happening with Geert Wilders). Some are literally on the run from state-sponsored Islamic hatred and intolerance (They’ve got something going on we need to pay attention to and act; that’s all I’m saying.

 I got in early to get a seat up front on and had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Geller as well as Robert Spencer (Jihad Watch). Geller was very gracious to take a few minutes to talk to me before beginning what would be a very disturbing but informative presentation on  radical islam and how it is destroying our way of life. Considering the amount of hate dished out at this lady on her site and everywhere she goes, I had to ask her why?

“I have four children, I don’t have a choice!”

It’s a different perspective in life when a person’s safety and happiness are threatened merely because of their religious or political beliefs. The lecture featured people whose lives at are risk or who speak against conventional wisdom currently dictating national security. The two lectures couldn’t have been more distant in their objective which was interesting as one touted the benefits of vigilance while the other supported and completely difference view of national security. The Freedom Defense Initiative lecture, which included former Pentagon analyst Steven Coughlin (he knew too much and got canned for writing against islamist infiltrators working for the DOD) his presentation shows so much information about the dangers of islamic extremism I would be writing for days but check the video, you’ll see what I’m talking about.  Let me poke your brain for a moment, humor me. If you go by what Coughlin says how many ‘revisions’ through abrogation has the Koran undergone compared to the Bible?

Presentations by Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff – currently fighting being charged with ‘hate speech’ for speaking out publicly against muslim encroachment in her native Austria and Wafa Sultan’s insightful views on how to defeat the psychology of islam as well as  Simon Deng former slave who speaks of the horrors of Islamic atrocities in Africa (in the name of peace, of course). Just get the DVD.  Dashing US Army Retired Lieutenant Colonel Allen West – who is running for Florida’s congressional seat (22nd District) gave an aggressive speech on our current national security posture that brought the house down (I don’t use these pop culture terms often).  But even West knows that national security must involve a lot more than just bringing down one culprit. One of the main points of his speech was that the US does not and will not clearly identify its enemy. This is crucial in gaining a tactical advantage over our enemies. This is a great speech. Again, I am not one for groupie mentality and I don’t vote in Florida but West brought up sobering points as a combat veteran to the discussion. The lecture is recorded in its entirety on a DVD available now, and no, I’m not selling it or getting a kick-back. The link was online initially but of course, fighting the good fight costs money. It’s well worth it. I’ll tell you just how polular the ‘truth’ about national security is; standing room only crowd. I even spotted a fine young conservative blogger and Twitter/Facebook personality Wayne Bradley who sat in the row behind me.  I know the event had a bigger crowd than the proggie-gone-conservatives downstairs.

Jihad teaser DVD link

One special mention to Mr. Jesse Prieto, and I’m sorry to say I was so into this event I forgot to take his picture . The name may not be familiar at first but if you look up the story you’ll see this fine gentleman and former Marine lost his son – one of the USS Cole 17 – to islamic extremism. I didn’t make the connection at the time and told him so recently and he just brushed it off; he didn’t think mentioning the Camp LeJeune bumper sticker caper was important. Just as he had driven from NC into DC to attend the lecture and talk to Ms. Geller and Mr. Spencer, Jesse headed back to his home a long drive on icy roads after two major winter storms.  Jesse told me his son had been killed on the Cole and all I could do was give him a hug. The only open seat in the entire room was next to mine and I asked him to join me. What a great guy. He handed me a commemorative coin. I hold this coin as one of my most cherished and I’m glad I met him.   It’s even more impactful to meet someone who has been affected by this war to make the fight even more urgent. He’s on the lookout and very aware of what is going on. He can tell you first hand. Do we need to wait until we’ve lost a loved one to start relating? Apparently the violent deaths of 3,000 Americans in one day had a short-term effect. This is going the longest winter of our lives and it’s not summer yet. Prepare for it now.

Revolutions are no fun but this is our destiny, deal with it because it’s here, it’s happening right now. We need to wake up. The main point I’m trying to make is which lie are we all going to believe from the media, the left the right and the buffoons in between who don’t have a political identity yet? I’m asking because no one really has full ownership of ideas so the ones with the most clever slogans can hook you and drag you out of the water and not even know it. If it sounds too good or too bad, challenge it. Even if the news comes from ‘trusted’ sources, beware; awareness is most important in determining which way we will go as a nation. You’ll see what I’m talking about next post.

Oh and Glenn, next time you need ideas, call me.